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If you are new to Angelic Breath Healing, please read the resources below the recording prior to beginning class.

WELCOME TO ANGELIC BREATH HEALINg virtual community class!


My name is Madeline, and I’m deeply honored to welcome and gather with you in this space. Angelic Breath Healing classes are an empowering way to connect to your heart, the most reliable place within that remembers who you are. Your angels communicate to you through your heart, and my prayer is that each class you choose to participate in supports you in awakening to Divine Support. If this is your first time experiencing breathwork and Angelic Breath Healing online, check out the resources below the recording prior to starting the class. I share suggestions for setting your class up for success and how to do the breathing technique. Blessings!


Call from a private, quiet space where you can easily lie down and relax during the breathing portion. I invite you to set up a sacred space for yourself by lighting a candle, burning some incense or essential oils, brewing a cup of tea, and bringing any other sacred objects into your space that make you feel held. Have a blanket and eye cover on hand for the breathing portion, and remember to turn off any alarms or notifications that might distract you from giving this experience your full attention.


Every Angelic Breath Healing online class offers a Spotify playlist to play from your own device during the breathing portion. Spotify is free or $10 a month for commercial free {highly recommended!}. Prior to our class, have the Spotify playlist open and ready to play.


While engaging with the breath, it’s best to lie flat. Do not prop your head up with a pillow during the breathing. It’s best if your head is flat and aligned with your back so that energy can easily move up and out your spine and throat center. It’s normal to feel tingling and sensations of tightness while you breathe. While I will encourage you to stay with the rhythm of the breath throughout, please listen to your body. Breathe at the pace as you are guided. It can be helpful to hold onto rocks or crystals during the breathwork; sometimes the hands can clench into what’s called tetany.
Holding stones can help with this.


This 2-part breath — inhaling through the mouth, into the stomach, up into the heart and out through the mouth — is the breathing technique we will practice together. This breathing technique is formally known as Pranayama Yoga and dates back thousands of years to India. I learned this technique from David Elliott, an incredible teacher and healer who has shared breathwork for decades. You can learn more about its roots and ways of healing with breath in David's books The Reluctant Healer and Healing.


Join the Angelic Breath Healing Virtual Community to receive 2 new Angelic Breath Healing classes per month on the Full and New Moon. Our next class is on the Aquarian New Moon, February 15th ~ the theme is Love with Romance Angels.