I get asked, "how do I invoke my Angels?" so often that today I decided to write about it.

The simple answer is all we have to do is Ask. That's it! So simple and there is no way we can 'ask' wrong.

The thing is, we live in a free will universe. Many spiritual teachings and self-help books reference this. But what does it really mean?

In the context of Angels, it means if we do not consistently ask for and invite their help, they cannot intervene into our lives. The only exception is if we are in a life or death situation and it is not our time to leave the planet.

Asking for your Angels help does not require any formality, it’s as simple as saying {mentally or out loud}, Angels please help me!

It’s not necessary to define the situation you would like help with, however, it can be helpful and cathartic for our human selves to feel like we are being witnessed and heard. It also helps us get in touch with what we want and need.

Angels are attuned to our highest path and purpose. They know why we are on the planet, what lessons we are here to learn, and by attuning to their vibration, it can be easier to view our lives from a spiritual perspective, from the Angels’ eyes – and therefore attune to the soul lessons we are learning through life's challenges.

You can ask the Angels questions, share your fears and frustrations, desires, hopes, dreams, anything! The Angels are unconditionally loving, completely trustworthy, egoless beings and therefore do not judge us. If you feel you are not worthy of connecting with Angels because of things you have done in the past or because you feel some of your big and small desires aren’t worthy of heavenly assistance, the Angels can help you heal these beliefs because the truth is, they want to help us with everything.

There are infinite Angels – and in Lorna Byrne’s book Angels in my Hair, she writes how there are literally millions upon millions of unemployed Angels just waiting for us to ask for their help. There are Angels for everything and they will never give up on us.

We do have free will choice whether or not we are going to listen to them – and sometimes, the internal guidance we receive is brushed off as “just my imagination” or “it sounded like my thoughts” or “I am not comfortable making that life change!” The Angels speak to us through our imagination and they would never want to come through in a way that would frighten you, so know that their communication can seem subtle at first. Pay attention to signs you see in the physical world, songs you overhear, repeating numbers, people you meet, and thoughts, feelings or images that repeatedly come into your consciousness that are loving in nature, even if they are asking you to make a life change that feels uncomfortable.

I personally love the simplicity of calling upon and talking to my Angels wherever I am – whether that’s driving, on a walk, running errands, hanging out with friends, meditating, writing, working … literally everything we do can include an Angelic invocation and conversation. Angels can be incorporated into the things you are already doing in your daily life.

If you are brand new to Angels and feel skeptical about this whole thing, I encourage experimenting so you can have your own experience and build from that. Choose an area of your life and ask the Angels for their help. You can make requests, though it’s best to leave solutions up to the Angels because they are attuned to multiple elements we are not yet aware of. Try this experiment and notice what happens.

I’ve suggested experimenting to several skeptics I’ve met along the years and have heard many miraculous stories as a result! Such as:

*My sister’s friend broke the screen of his iPad a day after buying it. He did not have insurance. He had never worked with Angels and said he didn’t really get it but would give it a try. He asked the Angels to help with this situation, then went to the Apple store the next day. With no questions asked, they gave him a new iPad. Now he calls upon the Angels for everything!

*A friend’s daughter was having nightmares every night. I suggested she and her daughter call upon Archangel Michael (the protector angel) before bed every night. This was six months ago and since invoking Michael, her daughter hasn’t had a nightmare since.

On a personal note, connecting with Angels has changed my life so profoundly and connected me with the feeling I’ve yearned for as long as I can remember: connection, safety, love and belonging. I love sharing about them because I have experienced profound transformation and simply feel better attuning with them. I've also witnessed hundreds of people's lives transform as a result of calling on their Angels.

I only engage with practices that feel right in my body and that work, and I advise you to do the same. Give this a try and notice what opens up in your life. If you are someone who is already consistently connecting with your Angels, call upon them more. Talk to them more. This will nourish you both.

You do not need anyone else to tell you what your Angels are saying, although their messages are likely to come through people, places and things you see in the physical world. Pay attention, because they LOVE talking to us.

It helps to create daily space to connect with Angels like you connect with a dear friend. Give them your full presence and attention. Create the space to listen and to share. Notice what insights emerge in your consciousness. Notice how you feel and what you are inspired to act upon. Let it be fun! Like any great relationship, quality time together facilitates and strengthens connection. This is true with Angels also.

All we have to do is ask! There's really no way to do this wrong. Communicating with Angels is our birthright, let's reclaim it together and see what happens.



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