We begin October with a gentle call from Archangel Raphael to integrate. The energy of this month is akin to a New Year—yet instead of jumping right in with immediate action on our re-birthed resolutions, we are encouraged to integrate new energies by creating space for what truly nourishes us.

Archangel Raphael invites us to tune into our daily routines and self-inquire: does this truly bring me nourishment? Am I benefitting from devoting precious time and energy towards _____? Is doing _____ bringing joy, aliveness and connection to my life?

When you create space to listen to your Self beyond the mind chatter that’s telling you what you “should” be doing, you will find the truth. Even if your mind disagrees. Even if it feels challenging to (finally) do things your way.

What truly nourishes you may look different than what you’ve been advised by healers, books, spiritual practices, parents, friends, teachers, and so on. What truly nourishes you may also look different from what nourished you a week ago, month ago, or this time last year! As such, acting upon what truly nourishes you can feel like a revolutionary act of self-trust and self-care.

So how do you know what nourishes you?

Think of a time when you felt completely held, supported, loved, cared for, cozy and in the flow. What choices led to this feeling? Learn from your past experiences and allow yourself to be your own healer by self-inquiring and trusting that you know what to do.

On a personal note, I used to feel nourished by pre-dawn wake-up calls. In the last few months however, my body, mind and spirit began communicating to me that this was no longer serving me. At first, I tried resisting it, and found myself feeling unhappy, depleted, dazed and tired most of the time. Like I was resisting the flow.

When I created the space to truly reflect and listen to my heart, I realized this way of life no longer felt right for me. So I adjusted my daily routine to include no alarm clocks (the Angels have since taken over that role!) and now when I wake each morning, I feel well-rested and deeply nourished.

It sounds so simple, yet has entirely shifted the trajectory of my everyday life. I feel liberated and so aligned!

If we create the space to consistently listen, our inner guidance will tell us the most nourishing practices for each of us to integrate into our daily routines. Again: what nourishes us one day may look completely different the next. We are not robots. We are not machines. We are cyclical, sentient beings who have interchangeable emotions and experiences because we are constantly changing and transforming.

Allow yourself to experiment with this flow, and know that the Angels stand close by to assist. We can always ask the Angels for clear signs to validate the inner guidance we are receiving. And the more we nourish ourselves, the more the Universe is able to send nourishing experiences our way.


Archangel Raphael is the holy healer of the Angelic Realm. Raphael emanates an emerald green hue that vibrates with our heart chakra. Archangel Raphael’s energy is subtle, gentle and soothing. If you are dealing with any health issues, Raphael is a wonderful ally.

He also helps amplify abundance, assists in finding your soul mate or lost pets, aids safe and smooth travel, healers and healing, energy clearing, releasing addiction, and, when asked, is happy to help amplify our inner guidance to choose thoughts and behaviors that nurture our health and well-being.


“Thank you, Archangel Raphael, for guiding me to act in alignment with what truly nourishes me. I ask for your assistance with integrating new, positive energies and experiences into my body, mind and spirit. Thank you for giving me the strength to make healthful life changes that serve my overall well-being. Please send me clear signs that I can easily recognize and understand. Thank you Archangel Raphael for blessing this month with pleasant surprises and easeful integration!”