With two months left in a year threaded with themes of karmic completion, immense transformation, and exposed shadows, Archangel Gabriel encourages us to SPEAK UP and use our voice as a trustworthy vehicle to experience the changes we have been praying for.

Archangel Gabriel says we are all leaders and messengers. We did not incarnate now to be a sheep in the herd of the past; we are here to be way-showers into the dawn of a brighter age. Gabriel asks us to remember that all Earthly experiences are masked opportunities to deepen our trust in the Divine and learn valuable Soul lessons.

If you feel trapped in judgment and triggers around what is happening on the planet right now, give it a voice. Give the scared parts of you an outlet to express, whether through stream of consciousness writing, dancing, painting, talking to trusted friends or counselors, meditation—whatever works for you. These emotions need an outlet so they can move. When we express all parts of ourselves, the energy transforms and we can find the gift, the lesson, the teaching buried within.

As you give all parts of you a voice (especially any pain that is present), ask yourself: What am I learning from this? This will attune you to the spiritual experience of your reality.

When we vulnerably share our experience, what we are passionate about, what we are excited about, what we are afraid of, what we could use support with, we invite authentic connection into our lives. We also inspire others to share what’s true for them, to open up about something they may not have shared.

It is not our responsibility how someone responds to what we say and share. And so Archangel Gabriel invites us to let go of comparison, let go of fears of how we think we will be perceived and received. Likewise, we often do not realize the immense positive impact our sharing can have on those we come in contact with.

Recall the people who have touched your life because of something they said or shared. Well-known inspirational voices like Oprah, Elizabeth Gilbert, other writers, artists, musicians…to the person on the street who unexpectedly smiles at you and makes your day. Or a friend who’s encouragement shifts how you show up for life on the one day that changes everything for the better.

Speaking up and sharing catalyzes miracles, and answers prayers. Speaking up inspires synchronicity. Speaking up heralds new beginnings, new friendships, new policies, new rules. There are people on the planet, especially women, who are not allowed to use their voice. Who are not allowed to go to school. Who are not allowed to choose who they want to marry. If you are reading this, chances are your Soul chose to incarnate into a location where it is safe to speak up, to share, to express your gifts and interests. It may not feel easy, but know you are so supported—by the Angels and by the clarion call on the Planet now that asks us to Rise and Shine through sharing.

Our presence is the answered prayer for a brighter world. This month may we have the courage to share what’s true in our hearts and experience how loved and supported we are every step of the way.


Archangel Gabriel is the chief messenger angel who helps writers, artists, musicians, mothers, speakers, teachers, and anyone using their voice, to refine their message. Gabriel encourages creative expression as a way to tune into Divine Wisdom and receive guidance and solutions. When asked, Archangel Gabriel will help you have the courage and confidence to speak up. When asked, Gabriel can also help you magnetize speaking engagements, publicity, and wonderful opportunities to share your message.


“Thank you Archangel Gabriel for inspiring me to speak up and use my voice in ways that feel good and are helpful for the planet at this time. Thank you for guiding me to people, experiences and opportunities where I can use my voice in ways that feel fun and are of service. I surrender any fears of speaking up to you. Thank you for lighting the way. Amen.”