Last week I posted on my Instagram about attending an event that educated about vaccines. I promised to post the letter I sent to friends and family on my website, in case you too feel inspired to share more information about it and would like a template. As mentioned in the letter, my intention is to inspire Awareness so we can make informed decisions. I realize this is a complicated issue, and I do not pretend to be an expert in it. That said: I will not sit here in silence, knowing what is going on without taking empowered steps I can do.



Dear friends and family!

Last week I attended an event that educated about vaccines, and it inspired me, moved me, and lit a fire of heartfelt passion within me to spread the word about vaccines, and particularly, the Gardasil vaccine, which I believe to be incredibly toxic, poisonous and detrimental to human health and well-being. This is not conspiracy theory, there are literally thousands of cases of normal, healthy children receiving the vaccine and shortly thereafter becoming incredibly ill, autistic, and sometimes even paralyzed.

These are not facts that feel good to face, and with all the issues facing the planet this day, it's something I feel inspired to take a personal stand for because if we do not acknowledge what is going on and at least know about it, the fate of humanity is held in the hands of those who are more interested in population control than the health and well-being of a thriving human society.

To learn more!

Check out VaxXed, a documentary and trustworthy resource:
*It is a documentary that explains more, plus multiple YouTube videos of case studies ~ like this 13-year-old boy Colton, who used to be incredibly healthy and vibrant, and is now paralyzed:

*The website also features ways to take action, like sending a letter to congress.

*If you have already experienced Gardisil or know someone who has, going on a heavy metal detox can help.

*I recommend checking out the book Medical Medium by Anthony William. He is the Edward Cayce of the modern world and shares very pertinent and advanced healing technology. Anthony has assisted in healing tens of thousands of people. This is a must read!

I LOVE YOU ALL and feel inspired to send this email now because the first step to any change is Awareness. My intention in sharing about vaccines is to inspire awareness, as the more people that know about this - the better. Perhaps your awareness can inspire a friend or loved one (including the elderly, recently doctors have advised elderly to take the vaccine) to make an informed choice. Please feel free to forward this email to anyone in your life you feel may be positively impacted through having this information.

To a very bright, healthy future!




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