This past summer, Archangel Metatron came to me one morning and essentially downloaded a course into my consciousness. His energy is quite quick and intense, so I had to tell him to pause for a moment while I opened my Voice Recorder and dictated what was coming through. Metatron said we are to gather over the course of three months to engage in an alchemical process of raising our consciousness through sacred soul service {aka a project}. He said that many Lightworkers at this time have opened their hearts to the higher frequencies and have become ungrounded and aloof through lack of action. Metatron means business, and while he acknowledges the heart initiations we are all going through in the higher dimensions felt in our physical form, he says now is the time to say YES while having fun focusing, prioritizing and essentially creating what you are called to do.

This course is about soothing your soul into action. It's not about doing, it's about receiving and acting from a place of inner alignment. Archangel Metatron stands by each of us in sacred service and support to the immense changes we are each experiencing at this time. He told me that he has curated the participants of this course for each of our highest good, that you will know internally if you are meant to engage with it through an inner calling - a flutter of excitement, an internal whisper that says YES!

Logistically, we will begin on the New Moon, September 30th - all sessions will be recorded and sent afterwards. Everyone will receive a Project Template and additional resources to assist in deepening your relationship with Archangel Metatron and taking action.


We will meet over Zoom for six group sessions connecting with the harmonic frequencies of Archangel Metatron. Each session will serve as an activating guidepost to taking action on a dream / desire / heart yearning. There will be a project template that will assist with setting intentions and goals to be held accountable throughout our sacred time together. The primary focus is to develop a strong and supportive relationship with Archangel Metatron to facilitate major activation, alignment and integration in an area of your life you are ready to rise into.

*all meetings will be recorded and sent afterwards

SEPTEMBER 29th {New Moon}
DECEMBER 28th {New Moon}

In terms of pricing, there are three different options with payment plans available as needed:

1. COURSE = $444
    INCLUDES:     7 x virtual sessions
                Project Template
                Additional Metatron resources including interviews and supportive material

2. COURSE + 2 PRIVATES = $788
                *Includes the above plus one-on-one sessions in between to deepen integration, guidance and transformation

3. COURSE + 4 PRIVATES = $1111
                *Includes the above plus one-on-one sessions in between to deepen integration, guidance and transformation

My above all encouragement is to tune into your heart and call upon Archangel Metatron to feel into if this is right and aligned for you at this time. I truly feel Metatron is curating the experience and is bringing people together who are ready to rise and crystallize with him as our right-hand “man” :)

To sign up, please email with the subject "Archangel Metatron course"