When it comes to communicating with the Divine, there’s no right or wrong way. Your spiritual practice is sacred, and I’m not here to tell you how to do it.

I am here, however, to lovingly encourage you to communicate, to ask, to explore your relationship to the wisdom within in a way that resonates with you.

When I first started learning about communicating with the Divine, I studied extensively – reading books, attending workshops, and applying all that I’d learned. The most consistent teaching I found is, “ASK FOR SUPPORT!”

The Divine is not separate from you. However, the wisdom of your Inner Being cannot intervene without your consistent invitation because of free will choice.

In Angelic Breath Healing classes, I’ve shared this teaching, encouraging asking the angels as an important and consistent step for communing with the Divine. In the past, I've encouraged skeptics to try asking the angels for support as an experiment -- for big and small things, such as asking for a great parking space or asking for support in finding a meaningful career. While I still stand by this encouragement, I feel it's imperative to clarify the relevance of where we ask from.

There’s a difference between asking from what I call the “Angelic Ego” and asking from the heart.

The Angelic Ego lives for control, security, and comfort. It doesn’t actually understand the Divine; however, it will attempt to use your requests to serve its desire for control, security, and comfort. I'm inspired to call it the "Angelic Ego" rather than simply "the ego" as a way of pointing out how it's possible to use our spiritual practice to inflame egoic desires.

The Angelic Ego wants to use the Divine to get whatever you feel you’re incomplete or unstable without. And then if and when it arrives, the Angelic Ego surely has its strong grip pointed at the next best thing. Whatever that desire or thing may be, asking from the ego puts a barrier between you and the Divine. The Angelic Ego is doing its best to find feelings of security; however, when asking comes from this place of separation, you set yourself up to suffer because your relationship to the Divine is based on conditions.

The Angelic Ego is based on an “If, then…” scenario. It demands physical world results to prove the existence of the Divine.

If ____ happens, then I’ll believe.

If I get ______, then I’ll do that thing.

When we ask from the heart, the space inside where the Divine communicates with us, our ask is less focused on results and more on process, connection, authenticity, and truth.

The heart is the space of fulfillment within. Asking from the heart encourages surrender, trust, and listening. It requires you to let go of what you think your desire looks like and breathe into spaciousness.

You can take Angelic Ego statements and reframe them into open-ended questions from the heart.

For example:

Angelic Ego: “How can I get more clients?”

Heart: “How can I connect with the people who will receive blessings by engaging with what I have to share?”


Angelic Ego: “How can I make more money?”

Heart: “What job is most in alignment with my heart?”


Angelic Ego: “Why is this happening to me?”

Heart: “What is my soul seeking to teach me through this experience?”


We can bypass the Compassionate Support available to us when we confine our questions to material-world successes and results. This doesn’t mean that wanting more money, clients, or understanding of a situation is good or bad – this is simply an invitation to shift your perspective and explore the inner river from which your questions and desires flow.

Also, while the words matter, it's the energy behind the words that counts. Are you sincerely asking? Are you truly open to receiving feedback? Or are you only open to a conditional answer that strokes your ego's purposes of comfort, security, and control?

When we ask from the heart, we tend to experience a sense of neutrality, trust, and openness. When we ask with conditions, we're compartmentalizing the support we're available to receive. It helps to breathe deeply and consciously, as this shifts our brainwave state to physiologically be more open to receive guidance.

This is a practice, and like strengthening a muscle, your awareness will expand as you show up and take it one step, one rep at a time.

I’d love to hear from you – what are some Angelic Ego questions you are inspired to reframe?




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