My Up-Close-And-Personal Conversation with Mermaids on kauai

Hello from Kauai!

I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am to be immersed within this ancient Lemurian land that my soul recognizes as home. I am here co-leading retreats with my dear friends and powerful, oracular teachers Rochelle Schieck and Grace Cavanaugh. Last week, I arrived a few days early to journey to my favorite places and drop into the magic of this island.

There are many places on Kauai that feel like interdimensional portals, places where the energy is so activated, I can sense other presences as clearly as if they were standing right next to me. There is one place on the island referred to as the Mermaid Cave. When I was here last year, a local healer told me where to find it…it’s off the side of the road, not marked, and I was instructed to walk up a hill with rich foliage until reaching a landing with immense rock formations, hanging vines, and a sea of trees. In this place, there is a steep hill that descends into a cave where merpeople are said to reside.

When I visited the cave for the first time last year, I went with two friends, and I will admit: when we walked up to the cave, I felt afraid. The cave felt eerie. It was like there was an invisible HUMANS NEED NOT ENTER sign stamped above the mouth of the cave entrance.

With great reverence, I mentally asked if we could enter, and I got a yes. So we walked down into the cave.



Upon entering, we offered the water crystals, prayed, and chanted to the waters. We stayed and prayed and sang. After about 15 minutes of this, I felt the energy of the cave shift and open up, awakening into another world. We started to see colored lights in the water and subtle shadows of finned beings. This may sound unbelievable, and yet to all 3 of us, it was as real and visible as leaves on the neighboring trees.

As the energy shifted, I received the message that the eerie-ness I felt upon approaching the cave was a form of protection. Most merpeople do not want to be found by humans. Who could blame them after the way we have collectively treated our waters in decades past? My friends and I left the cave feeling awed by the possibilities of a world where we consciously connect and live in harmony with the creatures of the elements.

Whether you resonate with the existence of merpeople or not, there is a deeper message that emerged and landed within my being when I revisted the mermaid cave alone this year, and I'll get straight to the point:

Water has feelings, too.

Earth has feelings, too.

Fire has feelings, too.

Air has feelings, too.

The elements remember. The elements know. The elements SEE all of us, our thoughts, our actions, our emotions – and are directly affected by what we are putting out into the environment.

How would you feel if someone was constantly polluting you and never said sorry or asked how to reconcile?

How would you feel if a civilization tried to milk every ounce of you without offering prayers and gratitude?

How would you feel if people relied on you for their survival yet never thought to ask what they might do in return?

Elements have feelings. Elements remember. Elements have so much to share with us, and if we stop to listen, connect, ask for forgiveness, and simply breathe and receive, we are literally changing our relationship. We are honoring that we are on the same team. This changes consciousness and it changes life on Earth as we know it.

You do not need to travel to Kauai or any place other than where you are to have this experience. Home is not a place, it’s a vibration – and we can quite literally change our vibration, and thus the vibration of the planet, by communing with nature and her beloved elements in a reverent way.

There is no way to do this wrong, as long as we are approaching with a pure heart.

My encouragement is to sit with nature, next to a river, or with your back rested upon a tall tree. Like meeting a new friend, introduce yourself, speak sincerely, and ask to receive. You may want to bring a pen and paper and journal with the elements. You may want to remain in inner silence. Trust what feels right, and notice how our world completely shifts as a result.

With all my heart,

Madeline xx