The question that changed my life

We gathered in a circle, underneath a canopy of cotton sheets carefully crafted to filter the scorching sun. It was late September 2016 in the heart of Topanga Canyon, and in spite of the dreamy landscape, I felt confused.

I’d just returned from three magical yet intense weeks in England and was grappling with the guidance I had received and tried to ignore, yet became so excruciatingly loud and clear that I felt forced to heed its message:

STOP. Stop doing things the way you’ve done them. Let go of what you’ve learned. Remember a deeper truth within. Leave. Find yourself.

Have you ever had a message so inconvenient that you tried to ignore it?

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For me, this seemingly universal message felt like a direct attack on my way of being. For the past two years, I had lived by the rules of a particular spiritual practice with the greatest intentions. It was an all-consuming practice that had a lot of rules, many of which I chose to follow. No one made me live my life this way; I chose it. It felt right, it felt purposeful, and I felt that I was a valuable part of something larger than me. I felt like I was being “good” and doing “right.” A part of me felt on top of the world, like I had been given a gift that contained all the answers.

While I received so many blessings from this way of life, when September 2016 came around, I could no longer deny the itching guidance I’d received:

STOP. Stop doing things the way you’ve done them. Let go of what you’ve learned. Remember a deeper truth within. Leave. Find yourself.

So here I sat, in Topanga Canyon, in a circle of women I’d never before met, feeling confused and full of grief. Emptiness. Who was I now?

As the song “Prayer” by Wah! softly sang from the portable speaker, my new teacher, Marysia, poured our first tea.

“This is Linden,” she said. “Linden tea is like grandmother love medicine. It relaxes the nervous system, washes away tension and worry, and invites us to relax, arrive, soften, and open our hearts.”

I brought the tea to my lips and felt it sink into my body. It felt like getting into a hot bath after a long day, like climbing into fluffy soft sheets for sweet rest. It felt like a friend who listens with love no matter what you want to say.

As Linden held our hearts, my grief softened, the confusion felt witnessed, and my perspective began to shift. I could more fully arrive into a new beginning during a time that felt like a death, like an ending. It was my first day experientially studying herbalism at the Gaia School of Healing.

With full cups of Linden, Marysia shared the basic philosophies of the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing. Rather than focusing on rules, shoulds and should nots, good ways of being and bad ways of being, the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing asks one simple question:

What deeply nourishes you?

Deep nourishment can be
a warm cup of tea,
a hug,
a smile,
a long walk.
Telling the truth.
Asking for help.
Hanging on.
Letting go.

What deeply nourishes you?

The question simmered in my consciousness, and I realized that up to that point, I had been living by the question: How can I do this right? rather than deeply listening to what is truly in my best interest.

It’s been nearly a year and a half since my first herbalism class, since I first learned the ways of the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing. My life has transformed from the inside out, not because I’ve been doing things radically different (I still choose to engage with some of my spiritual practices from the past), but because the way I relate to it is gentle, loving, and joyful.

I no longer act from a place of right and wrong-making, or that there is the “best” way to engage with spiritual practice.

My practice is returning to the question, “What deeply nourishes you?” with openness and compassion. I believe our bodies know what we need. Your body knows what you need. When you simply create the space to listen within and trust yourself, your world can transform.

So I ask you today: what deeply nourishes you?

Is your life currently organized around that question?

Or are you going through the motions, ignoring the voice inside that begs to be nourished?

Are you acting from a place of doing it “right” rather than listening to your heart?

Do your current spiritual and self-care practices make you feel nourished or are they just another way to fall short of “shoulds” and “should nots”?

If you’re ready to stop,
to let go of what you’ve learned,
to remember a deeper truth within,
to relocate yourself,
and to receive some grandmother love medicine,

I invite you to join me for Angelic Nourishment.

Angelic Nourishment is a three-month group immersion into nourishing practices designed to transform your relationship with self-care. Through 6 sessions, you’ll journey through the chakras, tapping into each one to explore what it needs to feel balanced and alive. From the practical to the spiritual, you’ll learn how to care for yourself with deeper levels of love, gentleness, and joy.

Rather than adding more to check off your to-do list or following unrealistic or restrictive practices, this program is your permission slip to let go of the rules and simply listen to the nourishing guidance within.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn how to tap into the wisdom of plants
  • Amplify your connection with angelic energies
  • Explore your chakras for healing, clarity, and balance
  • Give your body, heart, and nervous system the support they need
  • Alchemize isolation into inspiration with community connection
  • Create a set of self-care practices that ground and energize you
  • Build a new relationship to self-care that will reliably guide you to nourishment for the rest of your life

What’s Included:

  • Two 90-minute live sessions per month
  • Guided Angelic Breath Healing journeys to connect to the wisdom of your body and explore each chakra
  • Angelic inquiries to access the voice of wisdom and guidance within
  • Easy and delicious herbal recipes to nourish your body on all levels
  • Suggested Kundalini meditations to clear your channel
  • Community connection and support in between live sessions
  • Tools and practices for deeply nourishing yourself

The financial investment for this course is three payments of $200.

Enrollment closes January 9th at midnight PST! Click here if you’re interested.

May this year deeply nourish you!

All my heart,