Open This If You Need A Little Faith


I have a gift for you today, but first ... a story:

I've dreamed of living in London since I was 9 years old and first saw The Parent Trap (I wish I had a cooler story, but … this is the truth!) Something awakened in my young body yet ancient heart when I saw Hallie Parker riding in the back of an English car with the windows down while the song “There She Goes” played. At night before bed, I imagined myself walking up to a London home that looked like hers. At school, I told my 4th grade teacher every day about London and how I was going to move there… so much so that on the last day, he said, “Send me a postcard when you get to London!”

Some dreams expire over time, but for me living in London never went away. If anything, it just became stronger over time…and yet, moving here didn’t seem like an option until earlier this year when it became clear that not going would affect my health and well-being. Shortly after the New Year, I experienced symptoms of depression that begged for my attention. By giving the symptoms a safe space to express its repressed voice, it told me: I cannot go another year living like this.

It did not immediately say, “take me to London!” It first acknowledged that it was not experiencing vitality in my current way of life. To be honest, there was a part of me that attempted to rise out of the feeling and convince it otherwise … but look at our beautiful house! All your amazing friends here! See how beautiful the coast of California is, and the way the golden light touches the ocean! And everybody loves the sunshine. California is the dream, remember?

While my mind attempted to talk its way out of feeling, my heart clearly wasn’t in it. My heart told my mind, “I didn’t move here for the weather. I moved here for a mission, and it’s complete now.”


I slowly but surely accepted and acknowledged my readiness and openness to move on, even though I knew it wouldn’t happen til later in the year as I was finishing up my studies in Spiritual Psychology. I also didn’t yet know where I’d go!

Then, one night in late January, just before falling asleep, my inner voice spoke loud and clear within and said, "Move to London in the fall."

Often, my inner voice is more subtle – however, in this rare instance, the message arrived as a direct yet neutral invitation. I experienced a surge of energy return to me, and received visions of walking around London smiling so wide and laughing.

While I believe home is inside of ourselves, and that we do not need to go anywhere but *here* to experience the Love that we are - there are also experiences, places, and people that we are called to in life - and we get to choose. Yes or no. Or sometimes, not yet.

Life called me to London, and I said yes.

Still, doubts came up, and still do.

But what about a long-term visa?
Where will I live?
Will I make enough money to support myself?
Am I living in a fantasy? Is this truly a responsible and realistic choice?

When I doubted myself the most in the months preparing to depart, Spirit flew in to meet me with a consistent not-so-subtle sign: hearing the song “There She Goes” in unexpected places.

While telling my family in Chicago about London, it came on the radio. Then I heard it while shopping for London in a random store. And yet another time on the radio while I was driving in the car, wondering if this really is a responsible idea. It’s not even a popular song!

All that said: here I am. Seven weeks ago, I flew from Los Angeles to Chicago to London with two heavy suitcases, an overstuffed carry-on, and a heart full of hope.

And the house I’m temporarily renting from a friend of a friend looks just like the one in The Parent Trap (see photo below!) Honestly, it’s a miracle. Since arriving, I have met new friends that feel like family, and I’ve reconnected with parts of myself that have laid dormant within me for years.


There are still so many questions yet to be answered... I’m currently living here on a tourist visa, staying through just before Christmas with plans to return early next year. My intention is to move here, and I have also always felt like my romantic partner lives here. Yet the details are not yet visible. I am choosing to trust. I am choosing to walk in faith towards what I cannot yet see. I’m choosing to start where I am, do what I can right now, and enjoy this moment because it’s all I really have.

I trust Spirit's plan for me and know I will be here as long as it is of service for me to be. I trust my heart, and I’m willing to keep walking in faith even and especially when I have no idea how it’s all going to unfold.

During these times when so much seems uncertain both personally and globally, it is so important to nurture our faith. To believe in what we cannot see yet. While I am not religious, I value the teachings of Christ — and he shared that faith the size of a mustard seed is all that’s required to move mountains. A mustard seed is about the size of a fleck of dust.

Isn’t that a relief? We don’t have to see the whole picture. We don’t even have to fully FEEL faith in it. We just need the tiniest seed. That’s enough.

If you’re seeking support in nurturing your faith, I’m guided to share a recorded Angelic Breath Healing class with you called HAVE FAITH WITH CHRIST. This class was originally recorded for the New Moon in Virgo; however, the essence of the message relates to now.

This recorded class will nurture your faith, belief, and trust in Spirit within. Connecting with Christ Consciousness is non-denominational; however, if connecting to ‘Christ’ does not resonate with you, please use the language that does, such as the Universe or Love. Maybe even the Great Mystery.

May this class serve you and support you in nurturing your dreams and keeping the faith. Click here to receive it.

With love from London,

P.S. I just opened up 3 spots for 3-month Mentorship. If you’re seeking 1:1 support to nurture your faith, email and we’ll go from there. I look forward to serving you!

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