Giving It To God: How Divine Support Changed My Life


When I was in high school, my mom had a spiritual awakening inspired by a breast cancer diagnosis she has since healed from. At the time, I was perpetually stressed out. It was just before end of the year finals, and instead of my mom's usual advice to study and do my best, she said to me, "You can give this to God. You don’t have to carry around the stress, the worry, or the fear, Madeline. Give it to God. God will take care of it for you."

At the time, this was such a foreign concept to me, one that I didn’t feel I could fully grasp. It didn’t feel tangible to me. I would think things like, "But there is no way God can take my finals for me. God isn’t just going to write my paper in my sleep. I have to show up and do this, and it sucks."
Still, I wanted to have this experience of feeling like God was helping me, so I asked God for help. I couldn’t wrap my head around this concept, and looking back now, I can see why. I was doing just that – trying to wrap my head around it – instead of listening to my heart, instead of tuning into my body and opening myself to be moved by Spirit. At the time, I didn’t even know it was an option. I didn't know someone like me could have that experience.
I know my prayers were heard, however, because here I am 11 years later, listening to the voice of the Divine as an embodied experience. Asking the Divine for help and opening myself to be moved by Spirit inspires my vocation, organizes how I live my life, and has attracted the most beautiful soul friends into my world, like Rochelle Schieck, founder of Qoya (more on her in a minute). When I think back to 17-year-old me, and how much I wanted to "get" heavenly support and not feel so stressed out all the time, I am flooded with a sense of purposeful compassion. I want to help her.


If this concept of asking the Divine for support is as foreign to you as it was to me, it doesn't have to be. There are simple practices that can help you connect with the divine through your body, and my new online course, Dance with the Divine, teaches you how to use them.

Through Angelic Breath Healing, meditation, and Qoya (Rochelle's movement practice!), the course gives you templates for connecting with 5 divine energies - Angels, Mother Mary, Gaia, Qoya, and Archangel Michael. These non-denominational, unconditionally loving energies collectively represent the seeds of love across time and culture throughout various traditions, and calling on them to assist you is accessible to you anytime and anywhere.

Anytime you have a question or want to experience an embodied sense of divine support, you can do breathwork as a form of prayer, Qoya movement, or meditation to connect with your intuition, using the course materials as guides. You can do the practices you learn in the course as your own, charting new territory in which your body is your ultimate guide and spiritual authority.

Over time, you'll feel more confident to surrender to the mystery and feel supported in experiencing more moments of wild synchronicity and magic in this unknown, unpredictable, wonderful life.

Our intention is that this heartfelt offering gives you support so that whatever is going on in your life, you have an embodied support system to guide you through practices that bring you into the truest alignment with your inner wisdom, creativity, and joy. Our prayer is that through this course, you feel and experience the Divine Guidance that is always available for you.

As they say with spiritual practice, “there are many different ways to climb the mountain” and “the most important practice is the one you actually do.” Our hope is that this course encourages you have another way to connect with the divine within and inspires you so that you actually do it, and do it often!

You can register for the course now through March 1st to receive our discounted Early Bird Price of $144 (regularly $222) and a special Q&A call with Rochelle and myself in mid-April after you've had some time to work through the course.

Click here to learn more and register if you feel called.

As cheesy as this may sound, I am totally calling forth my 17-year-old self and doing this course with her. Perhaps there is a part of you yearning for this experience of embodied support as well!

With a prayer for you to know help is always available,


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Photos by Mariana Schulze and Melodee Solomon