You Are A Bridge Between Worlds


Last Friday, the world experienced its longest lunar eclipse of this century.  

Did you feel it? Have you noticed anything change since?

I spent the eclipse in the ocean off the coast of Kauai...not near the ocean, but in it! I didn’t plan this, but I woke up the morning of the eclipse and felt pulled, called, drawn to the ocean. It felt like an invitation that my Soul had already RSVP’d yes to, but my human self didn’t get the memo until that morning.

At the start of the eclipse (10:20am Hawaii time), I entered Kauai’s crystalline waters with my dear friend, Erin Telford. We allowed the oceanic current to pull us to the center of the cove towards the open water. While deep water sometimes gives me the creeps, in this cove I felt safe and so sweetly held by the ocean. Plus, the compelling call to spend the eclipse in the ocean felt bigger than me and stronger than any fear.

For the next hour of the eclipse, I experienced myself as an instrument of nature. As I surrendered to the sea, surges of energy coursed through my body as if old, dead energy was being expelled into the container of the sea.

When tears emerged, it started to rain. I couldn’t tell whether nature was following my cue or I was following hers, but we released water together in a cleansing duet.

As my tears passed and I felt the lightness of laughter move through me, the sun shone down from above, illuminating the water with dancing light. Holy whoa!

I felt both in the world and of it - my physical form an instrument for the cries within myself and nature. I let the wailing of the world move through me just as much as the laughter and joy. I experienced myself as a bridge between worlds, and when the eclipse completed, I felt reborn.

The dead, stale, sticky energy of the past was taken off me like an old cloak. My skin felt raw, fresh, and new, as if a whole new being emerged from the water. In the days since, I’ve felt excitement and discovery - who am I in this new skin?

Perhaps you’ve experienced this recently: the sensation of an old skin falling away and a new one emerging. You may not know what it is yet, it may be seismic or subtle, but you feel a shift has taken place.


When you’re in the middle of the ocean, it’s easy to remember that you’re an instrument of nature. You may also feel this sensation on a mountaintop, in a field of grass, walking by a river, or napping under a tree. You experience Earth as a nurturing home, supporting all aspects of your life.

As a group of mammals with the ability to speak, we humans are Earth’s stewards and protectors. You rely on the planet’s resources just as heavily if you live in an apartment in Manhattan as you do in a cottage in rural Ireland, yet this connection can be more difficult to access when you’re not immersed in her glory.

The same goes for your connection with the Divine. Just as you’re a bridge between Mother Earth and other people, you’re a bridge between the unseen world and the seen.

Moments like my tears matching the rain, my laughter echoing the sun - can you think of similar times when you've felt that you're an essential part of the big picture of life? When your body has felt as sacred as a cathedral? When you’ve felt your soul’s connection backwards and forwards through time, ancient and wise?

These connections are why I consider every human being a "bridge between worlds.” We are the connective tissue between nature, the Divine, and each other.

If you felt the depth of this connection, how would you live your life differently?

Would you treat your body with greater reverence and care?
Would you set aside time to tap into intuitive messages?
Would you study ancient stories to feel their timeless support in your modern life?
Would you take action on the earth’s behalf to preserve and protect her splendor?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, I invite you to join me on Dingle Peninsula, Ireland for a 5-day exploration of your role as a bridge between worlds.

In the majestic southwest coast of Ireland, you’ll explore your body as sacred land and learn ways to tend yourself as the great connector and protector of heavenly, earthly, and natural energies.

You’ll find new ways to increase your presence and give your body the nourishment it needs to be a clear channel as you travel to sacred sites in Ireland to learn about Celtic culture and history, allowing sacred stories that have sustained souls for thousands of years to sustain yours as well.

Just as last week’s eclipse was a cleansing, renewing intervention of earth, this retreat will help you shed old stories and step into the skin of new ones.

Click here to learn more and RSVP to this invitation to which your soul may have already replied...


p.s. Our retreat location is known as the “Dolphin Spirit Gate.” Dolphin energy represents connection (especially the connection between humans and nature) and helps us embrace the power of community. If you’re longing for more community in your life, this retreat will be a healing elixir.