Want to see angels? Look inside.


I used to rely on the outside world to validate my relationship to angels.
If I saw a sign, recurring numbers, or a feather, that was proof my angels were near.
A serendipitous song on the radio, a chance call from a friend, a miraculous run-in with a stranger, and suddenly I felt seen by heaven.
I ran my own personal experiments to ask for Divine Intervention and see what happened…and the angels always showed up. This inspired me, lifted my spirits, and moved me to share the sweetness and practicality of angelic support with others.
While I continue to value the serendipitous support of the angels, my relationship with the Angelic Realm has shifted.
Gazing up to gazing in.
Ascension to descension.
Outer expectations to inner attunement.
In other words: Embodiment.

Embodiment is alchemy of spirit and matter. Your humanity and divinity aren’t two separate entities – one “good” and the other “bad.” Your body and spirit are an indivisible whole.  Together, they’re an instrument for angels, and your voice is a harmonic note that adds to the symphony of life.
I used to see my body and my humanity as obstacles to accessing the Divine. While my mind grasped concepts that taught being human is a privilege and Earth is a school that many souls are lining up to get accepted to – my body wasn’t buying it. I didn’t yet have embodied experiences to reference this as truth within my whole being.
Honestly, when I first learned about angels and started asking for angelic support, I questioned why I had ever chosen embodiment as a human when everything in heaven is “perfect.” I felt grief from this perceived separation, so much of my journey over the last 10 years has been to forgive the judgments I’ve made about what it means to be human. It hasn’t happened overnight, and yet – looking back I acknowledge a graceful flow of supportive practices, tools, and human angels who have entered my world and helped me shift from external validation to experiencing the divinity inherent to being human.
Embracing my body as divine has shifted my relationship to angels and adjusted my vision from seeking validation or connection outside of myself to begin within.

In the past, for example, I called on Archangel Michael at the first hint of discomfort and asked Michael to move the feeling out of my body and keep me safe in a protective bubble. While this served as a proverbial rug over an inner dirty floor for awhile, I have since experienced this as a form of spiritual bypass - what I lovingly refer to as "angelic bypass." While the angels serve as messengers and trustworthy guides for the human experience, they are not here to feel our feelings for us or numb us from the inevitable challenges, discomfort, and pain that are apart of being human.

To me, angels are as much the soft, gentle voice of encouragement as they are the loud, rageful, booming voice of Justice. Angels embody the essence expressed through human beings when we choose Love over fear. Angels encourage the qualities of Spirit to flow through us - qualities like trust, creativity, gentleness, compassion, integrity, and truth. Angels aren't calling us up, out, and away from our human life - but rather down and in the arena, fully engaged. Present. Alive.

While there is much more to express about this, today I leave you with this: your body is Divine, and your humanity isn’t separate from your divinity; they are one. When you feel like your body separates you from the Divine, you suffer. When you buy into the belief that heavenly, etheric, positive, light experiences are “good” and physical experiences including emotions like anger and sadness are “bad,” you neglect your body, the cathedral for your spirit.
How do you shift this from a concept to an embodied experience?
Ask your body. Give your body a voice.
What does he or she need from you?
Start there and trust where your body leads you. This is a relationship you’re going to have for the rest of your life, and I encourage you to begin with listening from your heart.
You might be surprised what your body has to share with you - and if you're seeking support, I'm here.