Are you questioning everything?

I don’t know about you, but when I see catch phrases like: “Manifest your dream life! I’ll show you how!” I want to run as far away in the other direction as possible.

While I am all for daring to dream big and taking those inner and outer steps to experience the kind of vibrancy that comes from living alive, I find there is a misleading, manipulative misunderstanding that claims if you just “clear your subconscious blocks” and “take action” everything you could ever dream of will magically appear in your life.

Last week I wrote about this on Instagram, and today I felt called to share here. May the words below meet you as loving encouragement to meet the moments of your life with presence and willingness, no matter what is (or is not) yet showing up externally.


Awakening to a spiritual path can be like getting into a relationship at first – there can be a honeymoon phase of all the doors opening, synchronistic signs galore, external encouragement that’s like food for the ego’s favorite story, “I’m doing this right! This must mean I’m on the right path.”

The nature of the human experience is learning through contrast. We know it’s hot because we’ve experienced cold. We recognize authentic cherishing because we’ve experienced apathetic indifference. This has resulted in the misunderstanding that:

If things are going our way = good

If things are going wrong + opposite of our way = bad

I’ve noticed a lot of mainstream teachings today focus on the power of the subconscious mind yet fail to address the Grace of God. And I don’t mean the convenient Grace that’s like food delivery to feed the ego’s needs.

If it is apart of your spiritual curriculum to go through certain experiences, no amount of chanting or subconscious clearing can control what you are here to learn and experience on a Soul level in this human form. That may sound bleak, but I truly mean it as a blessing – we are on Earth to learn! And being on the ‘right’ path has very little to do with what’s happening in your life. This is all going to go someday.

No matter what is unfolding, we are all guaranteed Grace and a Love that never leaves. Grace and Love don’t give packaged promises or bullet pointed lists. They are not selling you anything.

They have no agenda.
The honeymoon may be over,
But they’re in this for eternity.


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