struggle with sleep? i wrote this for you!


Did you know that so much happens on a soul level while you are sleeping? Every evening we are given an opportunity to deepen our relationship with Spirit, to offer our sleep as prayer. This has been my practice for nearly a decade, and today I'm honored to share a personal story and an offering with you about this.

Nearly five years ago, I was about to share Angelic Breath Healing publicly for the first time. Although the deepest parts of me were bursting with divine inspiration and joy at the opportunity to serve others doing what I absolutely love, I also experienced a lot of fear and, speaking publicly? Terrifying! What would people from the past say about me when they saw me making posts about angels? Would people say I’m a religious fanatic? Could I handle it? The nightmare scenarios in my head went on and on and on.

While the external signs in my life validated my choice to move forward with sharing Angelic Breath Healing (friends strongly urging me to teach public classes, a space perfectly opening up, encouragement from everyone in my life I love), I still questioned myself, so I took it where I take everything: to sleep.

My bedtime prayer went a little something like: God, you know what is best for me. You know what I'm here to share, say, do, and be. Please, I ask you, show me in a dream if it serves the highest and best good to begin sharing Angelic Breath Healing publicly. Thy will be done, so be it.

That night I had a dream I will always remember — in essence:

I am riding a bike on a trail at the top of a very high cliff. There are people around, and it’s a sunny, gorgeous day. All of a sudden, I lose control of the bike, and it moves off trail, rapidly moving down the cliff. I start screaming as I realize I’m going to fall off the cliff. I am about to die. With the people watching, I fly off the cliff with the bike, falling, falling, falling, waiting to hit the ground. Then, a few seconds before I’m about to hit the ground, the dream begins moving in slow motion, as if time and space are warped. In this slow motion pace, I easily remove myself from the bike in the middle of the air, I regain control of my body, and then, just as I am about to meet the ground, I gracefully land like the gymnasts do in the Olympics, placing my hands over my head, victoriously smiling ear to ear. I experienced the greatest surge of joy, gratitude, and awe. I landed, I’m alive, I did it! I survived! What a ride!

And the next moment, I wake up in my bed with my answer from God.

From that moment forward, my doubts, fears, and questions around publicly sharing Angelic Breath Healing dissipated. I was no longer afraid, because I trusted, even if it felt like falling off a cliff, that I would land safely. Five years later, I can tell you that my dream keeps coming true, it seems God keeps calling me to higher cliffs :)

Bedtime intentions and communing with God/Spirit during sleep has been one of the most profound and life-changing practices I’ve experienced over the last ten years. It has transformed both my quality of sleep and my experience of Divine Support. I’ve received clarity on projects, guidance on relationships, and freed myself from a lifetime fear of the dark. I’ve also had some of my most vivid angelic experiences in the sleep space, and I've witnessed clients experience life-changing insights from shifting a few key elements in their sleep routine.

Abundant, easily accessible support is available to you every night. You just need to open to it through intentional sleep practices. To support you in doing this, I’m honored to offer Sweet Dreams: Sleep As Prayer, a four-week healing journey to upgrade your sleep experience for a lifetime.

Over the course of four group sessions, I will help you harmonize old patterns and beliefs, create sleep practices to help you look forward to bedtime, and receive Divine Guidance along with your nightly physical nourishment. Sweet Dreams also supports with releasing fears, anxiety, and tension around sleep. These practices have changed my life and I am so deeply honored to share them with those of you called.

Enrollment is open now, and the journey begins on Friday, February 22nd.

Click here to learn more and explore giving yourself the gift of divine support through replenishing rest.