Let Life Have Its Way With You!


Over the last few years, I’ve sat around many sharing circles with friends, in retreats, and 1:1 sessions with my mentors, proclaiming how I want to come out of hiding.

For a long time, I felt like I was holding back and created stories around this feeling like:

“I can’t really share all of me because it’s too much—and it doesn’t fit into what people expect of me.”

In many ways, I *have* shown up and shared what is within me, what is true and raw and real for me. That said: last year, I experienced this soul-suffocating itch. No matter what I did internally (countless hours devoted to inner healing work) or externally (selling 90% of my belongings, moving to another country, going all in to many new and uncomfortable experiences!), this soul-suffocating itch couldn’t seem to scratch itself.

At least until I took a walk.

I was on a walk with my mentor around a calm and luscious lake in Southern California this past January, when she picked a vibrant edible wildflower and invited me to enjoy it. I took one bite—and every part of me lit up with a special kind of delight that felt fully in this world (my body), yet not of it! Maybe it was the sun shining on my skin, maybe it was the way I felt held in the safe space of my mentor’s trustworthy presence, maybe it was all of the above and so much more … but in that moment, thanks to this precious, magical wildflower, I heard the unmistakable voice of my soul:



Sometimes there are moments like these that serve as a proverbial thunderclap that cracks the shell of the chrysalis...and it can be so subtle, so seemingly simple...yet unquestionably life altering. In spite of the details my mind immediately interjected with (but, you already have plane tickets! Travel plans! Suitcases packed!) – my Soul’s unwavering voice calmed the details and savored the undeniable sense that the itch had finally been scratched. I didn't have to try to come out of hiding, when my Soul was ready, it happened...as naturally as a ripe fruit falling from a tree.

You can have this too: a divinely timed, natural transition and emergence of your life while feeling held and nourished.

Where is your soul shouting ENOUGH? Where is life yearning to have its way with you?

What my mentor offered to me that day, the priceless space of trustworthy guidance and reflection, is what I offer you in my new 1:1 Mentorship offering, HELD.

I wrote the invitation specifically for those of you going through a time of transition—an inner crossroads—standing at a point in your path that’s calling you to become a new direction. If this speaks to you, I invite you to check out the invitation and apply here.

Wherever you’re at today, may you surrender to this moment and ... let Life have its way with you!