How a Love Letter From God Helped Pay My Tax Bill


This past month, I’ve conducted an experiment with fully trusting God as my provider.

I didn’t do any elaborate rituals or ceremonies around this, on April 1st I simply wrote on a sheet of paper:

I’m taking care of it. All of it. Even the things you cannot yet see (((wink))).

When an unexpected tax bill showed up thousands of dollars over what I thought I had to pay – instead of treading down the pathway of SELF-BLAME + FREAK OUT … I entered the wild woodland oak grove by my house, climbed a tree, breathed and moved my body, sounded out the stories, returned to my house, and reread that love letter from God like a Sacred Promise.

In the midst of reading the letter, I opened myself to an inner thread that led to a childhood memory where a violent scarcity was present in my environment. I was 7, aware of my dad’s stress and saw how up until now, I’ve unconsciously took it on as my own. I worked my process, giving that 7-year-old within me a voice, asking her what she needed (quality time with dad, assurance from the angels that she didn’t need to worry about this, that it was truly taken care of).

I spent as long as she needed in this space with her, giving her the attention she yearned for while allowing a new memory to create itself in place of the old belief. The mind doesn’t know the difference between a well-imagined thought and reality, so giving her all the things that younger part of me needed NOW was helping her free herself from carrying the weight and burdens of the past. Tears streamed down my face as this well-trodden belief and wounded part of myself unbound itself from the burdens its carried unconsciously for years.

I emerged from this experience with nothing in my outer world shifting, yet experiencing a completely fresh perspective and lightness thanks to moving inner energy. I once again reread the Love letter from God and went about my life.

Then, a few days after this experience, with still no conceivable evidence of a new belief taking root in my outer life, I received a call from my dad. Without me saying a word about finances, taxes, my inner process (not something we tend to talk about!), he said: I saw your tax bill and decided to pay it. I put the check in the mail yesterday, so it's covered.

Shocked and near speechless, I received The Father (God/the Divine) speaking to me through my dad. It's taken care of.

This happened a few days ago - and thanks to the magic of Spirit and the way we connect with each other in truly perfect time, this morning in a 1:1 session with a Mentorship client, she had nearly the exact same thing coming up for her. She shared how a huge unexpected bill showed up, spinning her into old stories and financial fears.

I guided her through an inner process, somatically relieving, releasing, and unbinding the stories from the past. Being with herself, she freed herself from the old stories. Towards the end of our session, she received a phone call. Normally her phone is on silent, however - for whatever reason, in this session - she forgot to put her phone on airplane mode. She saw an unrecognized number and felt like she needed to answer it.

Hello? ...

Oh yes, wow.

Thank you so much!

That unexpected bill she received? It was mistakenly sent to her. The insurance company's taking care of it. And to receive this phone call right after our process ... I mean, truly, Spirit has impeccable timing!

I'm sharing this today as a reminder that you too can trust in God/The Divine/The Universe as your provider no matter what is happening in your outer world.

You don't need to outcast or bypass the beliefs that thread your experiences, lean in ... this is where treasure lives. And whether financial stories are up for you right now or another area of life (money, sex, relationships, purpose tend to be an activation point for many people) know you can conduct an experiment on any and every area of your life with God {please replace with whatever word resonates with you.}

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