What the Afterlife taught me about being human.


Have you ever looked back on your life and wondered: what if I turned right instead of left?

What if I stayed? What if I said this, instead of that?

What if … what if … what if?

Me too.

As a child, I read a ton of books on the afterlife. It was my favorite subject – I read Embraced by the Light at 11-years-old and remember telling my best friend at the time, “I can’t wait to die because heaven is the best place ever!!!” Even though my family wasn’t super religious, by choice I devoured all the books I could on life after death. There was something about reading each author’s journey into the light realms that awakened something in me, like a memory – a knowing within me that validated YES there is a space beyond the land of what if? There is a place where love lives.

The afterlife books also shared about a LIFE REVIEW – this space we allegedly enter after our existing human incarnation and review and reflect on our life. This is a space where we can look at the what if’s – yet instead of assessing from the ego’s perspective of right and wrong, good and bad, one choice better than the other, we get the opportunity to reflect and review from the Soul’s perspective.

The Soul isn’t interested in how much money you made, how many awards you did or did not acquire, how many social media followers or likes you got, what you did or did not do … according to a near-death experience story shared in Chicken Soup for the Soul (another one of my childhood favs) the inquiry becomes quite simple.

In this woman’s near-death experience, while pronounced dead, she experienced and followed a tunnel of light. Shortly thereafter, she met an Angelic Being radiating unconditional love. This Angelic Being told her it was not yet her time to die. Before being sent back to her body, however – she was asked two questions:

1. What wisdom did you gain in this lifetime?

2. How have you expanded your capacity to Love?

Whoa…Angelic Mic Drop!

As a child, I thought I had to die and pass onto the afterlife to experience that place of unconditional love I cherished reading about. I also thought I could only experience a life review after death.

Thankfully, I have since learned and experienced that I have a choice every moment. I can blame myself for what I have or have not done or I can choose to reflect from my Soul’s perspective … what am I learning? What is my Soul seeking to teach me through this experience?

You have this choice too.

If you’re struggling with a choice you made and the affect its had on your life …

If you’re questioning WHY you had to go through that painful, shattering experience…

If you can’t make sense of what’s happened in your life or in this world …

If you’re wondering how much longer you have to wait to get “there” …

Or if you’re blaming yourself for something you did or did not do…

I hear you, and I'm here with you.

Acknowledging that sometimes it's hard and doesn't make sense is exactly the acknowledgement and validation that's needed to open to the next step, the next question. Sometimes we bypass embodied wisdom if we try and skip to the Soul's perspective right away. So if you're simmering in the land of What If's right now, that too may serve as a sacred key to your process. Trust your timing - and remember that as human beings, we learn through contrast and there's truly no way we can do this wrong. Our Soul learns through EVERY THING, every choice, every step we take.

You also don’t have to do it alone! There are angels by your side, eternally encouraging you. And there are so many human helpers that can meet and love you right where you are – especially in the lost lands of What If. It all starts with being honest and communicating what’s true for you right here and right now.



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