a story about angels

Hi friends,

Today I'm trying something new - I'm sharing a story that I've never shared before...and it's a story that's inspired my life experience and work over the last decade. Sharing this story with you is inspired by a workshop I attended this past weekend called You Are A Conduit of God: Speaking from Spirit led by one of my mentors, Alisha Das.

Thanks to this workshop, I became uncomfortably aware of how much I've relied on other people's examples and opinions to influence the way I say what I'm willing to share. As much as I write and share honestly and with the intention to serve, sometimes I totally dilute it ... to make it more palatable. To make less waves. Why? Ummmm fear!

So today I tried an experiment. I centered myself and set the intention to let Spirit speak through me. I pressed record and thought I was going to talk about one thing ... but then ... a story that I've never shared before emerged. I felt the depth of it within me, and I got really silent as you'll hear in the audio - and started sharing with tangible tears in my eyes and voice. They weren't tears of upset, even though what happened was hard, they were tears of being moved and surrendered to something deeper within me.

I'm sharing this with you today for a couple of reasons:

1. This story is what opened up my world to reconnecting to God and the angels, and is at the roots of what I'm inspired to offer today.

2. As Brene Brown says, "you either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness." I am done hustling for my worthiness.

3. Because it feels waaaaaay out of my comfort zone and completely questionable to share with you ... and, as we've all heard by now ... that place beyond the comfy cozy zone is where so much magic lives.

Okay ~ here it goes! Disclaimer: I'm highly uncomfortable sharing this audio where tears are in my voice through most of it. I wanted to re-record it, but the voice within said keep it raw.