Read this if you’re running on empty


How do you refill your well on the days you're running on empty? The days when you’re just Over It: work, relationships, your to-do list, and the energy it can take to nourish a human body.

A couple weeks ago, I had one of those days. I felt completely bogged down in logistics, tax files, and spreadsheets, and while I intend to bring as much enthusiasm as possible to these necessary elements of owning a business, that day I hit my capacity and felt completely drained, depleted, unmotivated, and uninspired.

My friend Larimar spontaneously called to let me know she was in the Canyon that evening, Are you free? I just discovered this magical place you *must* experience!

Even though I already felt at capacity, something within said, GOOOO! This will be good for you.

So I ex'd out of my spreadsheets and drove down the road to meet Larimar at this hole in the wall shop that I’ve driven by dozens of times yet never noticed. Treasure is often hidden in plain sight!

Opening the door into this tiny shop felt like entering a portal into another realm. Rose, jasmine, cedarwood, and so many scents I couldn’t name alchemized into the most heavenly aroma. Kaleidoscopic crystals danced around the room—rose and clear quartz, turquoise, selenite, kunzite, amethyst—while hundreds of flower essences silently sang in service.

“Welcome to my fairy den in the woods!!!” sparkled this beautifully radiant and luminous woman, who greeted me with a hug. “I’m Leeta.”

I looked over at Larimar with my eyes wide and jaw dropped open in gleeful shock. It felt like I’d won the lottery.

We sat with Leeta for about 15 minutes, and I learned she’s owned this shop for over 10 years, making special mists and magical essences for whoever drops by, supporting the local community, and receiving its support in return. She said it’s normal for people to drive by for months, weeks, or even years without noticing it, then all of a sudden one day, the veil lifts and they find her. She also shared how the angels and devas guide her work and whisper in her ears all day.

On that day in particular, this was EXACTLY the medicine I needed, both because it felt like meeting a version of my nourished self and because it was encouraging and inspiring to sit with a woman who has devoted her life to listening and sharing her unique medicine, what I call Soul Nectar, without diluting it or comparing herself to what other people may consider “normal.”

You know that phrase “living your truth”? It doesn’t necessarily mean never feeling outside pressure to be a different way. Embodying truth is an invitation to express yourself through your way of being in life ... even when others drive past without noticing.

Sharing your truth is a blessing to others. I left the shop that day with my inner well completely replenished by just 20 minutes at Leeta’s shop, a place that truly felt like a doorway into the Devic Kingdom, like home for me. I also felt completely re-inspired to share my gifts, my medicine, my Soul Nectar without the need to apologize, over-explain, or make excuses for sharing something that isn’t mainstream. I even felt re-energized to return to my spreadsheets (!), the necessary foundation that makes it possible to share my gifts in service to others.

I’m sharing this story with you today as a reminder to receive the love, care, and encouragement that fills up your inner well. Taking a break to seek out the places and people who nourish you is the essential fuel that makes it so much easier to share your Soul Nectar from a place of abundance, when you feel filled up (and lit up!) from within.

So now I ask you: what are those places? Who are those people? What are those sanctuaries where you can rest, receive support and inspiration, and return to your life renewed to serve with joy?

Say yes to a friend’s invitation or take an adventure to a nearby place that piques your curiosity. Like me, your treasure might just be hidden in plain sight.

Or perhaps explore saying yes to this invitation from me: if you’re looking for more places and people who nourish you and would like to discover a magical fairy den in the woods to refill your well, we have a few spaces left on the Mt. Shasta fall equinox Soul Nectar // Body Blush retreat. If you have any questions or would like to set up a time to connect about the retreat, feel free to email me at

With love and encouragement,