May 9, 2016

I’ve never liked ghost stories, and ever since I can remember, I’ve avoided the dark. Throughout childhood and adolescence, I avoided haunted houses, scary movies, and my friends’ Ouija board fascinations. It wasn’t worth the tormenting thoughts and feelings I’d have for the next few weeks, imagining the worst that could happen while trying to fall asleep!

It really sucks being too scared to fall asleep, and unfortunately, that was a familiar experience growing up. I usually imagined the worst that could happen and sometimes woke up in the middle of the night and saw vivid apparitions of things in my bedroom.

As I grew out of childhood and into adolescence, I wish I could say that my fears dissolved – but they only became worse. When I was a 19-year-old college student, my fear of the dark reached its peak when I saw a shadow of a man on my wall while trying to fall asleep one night.

To make sure I wasn’t seeing things, I called my highly skeptical roommate into my bedroom right after it happened and turned the light back off. She saw the shadow too. I was absolutely terrified and thought I’d never be able to fall asleep alone again. For weeks following that experience, I couldn’t sleep. I would stay up until dawn because I was too afraid to turn out the lights.

At the time, I was brand new to spirituality and did not know about Angels. Honestly I thought they were associated solely with religion, which wasn't a form of practice that resonated with me. I was definitely open to learning more, but didn't know where to start. Thankfully a few months later I stumbled upon a book called The Healing Miracles of Archangel Michael by Doreen Virtue. I read the book within 24-hours and my life felt like it had changed forever.

The book explained all about Archangel Michael, what angels are (non-denominational, unconditionally loving light beings here to help humans experience greater peace and understanding throughout each of our lives), and how to heal and connect with them.

It was so accessible and written in a modern way— a way that felt true and real to me. Doreen explained that Archangel Michael is the protector angel who clears energetic spaces and specifically clears the energies of lower spirits that can create shadows, nightmares, and overcome all types of fears by remembering our true nature.

Through personalized stories, people from all over the world shared how Archangel Michael helped them stay safe in life-endangering situations, helped clear night terrors, helped them make life changes, have confidence and courage, and even fix broken items.

The book also explained that Michael had a very hot, intense yet loving energy. He vibrated the color purple/blue and had a very strong presence. I also learned that in order for Archangel Michael and the angels to interfere and assist us in our lives, we have to consistently ask for their help because they cannot interfere without our free will choice.

That night, I called upon Archangel Michael before bed. I asked him to protect me and help me feel safe to fall asleep. Immediately, I felt a bubble of loving, protective heat around me. I saw flashes of purple light in my mind’s eye (a first at that point!) and heard in a loving voice that sounded like my own thoughts: “YOU ARE SAFE.”

I fell asleep soundly that night and woke up feeling like a miracle had occurred. From that day forward, I haven’t had any trouble falling asleep, and it’s now been seven years! I call upon Archangel Michael every day. I consider him my unseen yet totally present best friend and have introduced him to many people whose lives have been changed thanks to Michael’s guidance and presence.

Over the years, Archangel Michael has taught me so much more about energy management, psychic protection, how lifestyle choices influences our openness to other realms, and what to do to feel and be safe.

Though feeling safe is an individual experience and a day-to-day process depending on what you’re going through, here are powerful practices I’ve learned from Archangel Michael to feel safe while sleeping and otherwise. I highly recommend these practices for anyone (including children!) who have trouble sleeping or are dealing with fears running their life.


Call upon Archangel Michael. Thank him for clearing out any energy that no longer serves you. You can visualize your house surrounded in a protective violet light and thank the Angels for watching over all windows and doors. As mentioned above, it’s important to consistently ASK for help because the angels cannot interfere with our free will.

Play a mantra. I play “Chatr Chatr Vartee” by Kulwant Singh while I sleep. It’s a protective mantra and helps clear out the subconscious mind of irrational fears that can get recycled in the sleep state. If you are looking for a more peaceful and melodic mantra, check out music by Singh Kaur.

Go to sleep sober. When I had the paranormal experience, I smoked and drank often. I was also in a household where that was going on. Entities are attracted to lower vibrations.

Avoid sweets, caffeine + sugar, especially before bed. It’s no secret that diet affects our sleep quality, and this is true in terms of our dreamtime experience as well.

Pray. Say a prayer before bed and set a clear intention to receive a deeply restful night’s sleep.

Relax. Go to sleep happy, content, and/or relaxed. And if you don’t feel that way, then…

Breathe. Deep, conscious breathing relaxes you and soothes you. If you need to relax before bed, cover the right nostril and breathe deeply in and out the left nostril 26 times. The left side of our nostril is connected to the Moon energy and is calming and relaxing. It will attune you to sleep.

Empower Yourself. Remember that NOTHING outside of yourself is more powerful than you. If you sense lower energies within your space, simply breathe into your body and acknowledge their presence and tell them to go away. You can also hold your palms over the top of your head and chant AKAL 3-5 times. That gives lower energies the energy they need to progress to the other side.

Trust Yourself. Most important: listen to and trust yourself. You have all the answers within you and creating quiet time to attune to your energy will give you the guidance you seek – whether that has to do with getting a peaceful night’s rest or otherwise.