bridge between worlds retreat
dingle peninsula, Ireland

September 27 - October 1, 2018
***SOLD OUT***

Mother Earth isn't just a nice idea.
She is you.

Even if you're a city-dweller,
the earth sustains your life every day.

Your body isn't separate from nature
but a fundamental part of it.

The whispers of trees, the wind, the sea and stars?
They call to you because you're made of the same stuff.
You also call to them, whether you know it or not.

You are Mother Earth's voice
and the bridge between this physical world
and the unseen world.

You're a canvas and celestial channel,
here to speak up on behalf of nature
and on behalf of the Divine.

Do you feel the call to speak?
To listen to stories as old as time itself
and share the stories only you can tell?

Is your body asking for deep nourishment?
To take some time to receive rest and sustenance?

Are you inspired to immerse yourself in Celtic land
not only physically but spiritually?
To learn its stories and feel their timeless support
in your heart and in your life?

If so, we invite you to join us on a 5-day retreat
exploring your role as a bridge between worlds

in Dingle Peninsula, Ireland.


“Here in Ireland, the Otherworld is as real as any other.
This is a landscape steeped in stories, and those stories stalk us still.
They have seeped into the bones of this land, and the land offers them back to us;
it breathes them into the wind and bleeds them out into streams and rivers.
They will not be refused.
Rising high on the heather-covered moorlands, seeping through our bogs,
flowing down our streams and into our rivers and out onto the sandy strands of the rock-strewn Atlantic seaboard, 
are the old Celtic myths and stories...waiting to be reclaimed and re-envisioned for the modern world.”

-Sharon Blackie, If Women Rose Rooted-

Often when we think of connection with the Divine,
we imagine a disconnection from our human life.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

Bringing heavenly energy into your life
requires you to increase care of the land you live on
starting with your body.

Living as a bridge between worlds is a call
for more presence, not less.

It requires you to treat your body as holy ground,
not only on special occasions but every day.

Do you currently take better care of your house than your body?
Clean your room more than you tend yourself?

Imagine you were put in charge of your favorite place on earth.
Would you neglect it? Or would you sweep and dust?
Water the flowers? Polish the decorations?

To treat your body as a bridge between worlds
means caring for it as if it’s the place you love most.

This isn’t a selfish act,
but the most generous thing you can do.

Tending yourself as sacred strengthens
your ability to take care of other people.

Likewise, communing with Mother Earth
isn't at the expense of other people.

A connection to nature allows you
to nourish and care for the land that
sustains your community as well.

The more we disconnect from the earth,
the more we disconnect from one another.

The same goes for your body.


how do you embody your role as bridge between worlds?
Tend to your body and trust its messages enough to act on them.

We'll explore different ways of doing this on the retreat, including communal meals eaten consciously and prepared with love, pilgrimages to sacred sites in Ireland, Angelic Breath Healing and workshops to facilitate more communication with the divine and your body.

Every experience is designed to encourage trusting your body as a guide between worlds. You'll let go of linear timelines, your to-do list, the responsibility of cooking meals, and instead, surrender to being cared for and taken on a life-changing adventure.

You'll turn down the noise of the outside world and amplify the voice within.

You’ll experience Irish history and culture, hearing ancient stories that have renewed and sustained souls for thousands of years.

You'll remember you're not alone in this life but surrounded by support both earthly and divine.

Most importantly, you'll feel like an essential part of the larger story of humanity, of life itself.

You'll start to trust that you're always exactly where you need to be and look for the opportunity in every challenge that life presents.

When you trust your body and trust in life, everything that happens to you becomes an invitation to growth and expansion, even (especially!) when it doesn’t feel that way.

When you treat your body with reverence, you see your gifts more clearly and feel confident to nurture and share them for the good of all, becoming a caretaker of Mother Earth and all her fellow voices around you.

“Madeline’s empathetic teaching and facilitation of connecting me to my angels and divine wisdom has changed my world. I’m much more open, creative, intuitive, and ready to take on the possibilities that lie ahead, knowing I have legions of angelic and spirit guides supporting me just waiting to deliver trustworthy guidance.”
-Kelsea Woods-


about dingle peninsula, ireland

Dingle Peninsula is a bridge between worlds. Rich with magical history ranging from the Vikings to ancient stone circles to Megalithic and early Christian sacred sites, it’s known for its beachside nature hikes, dolphin pods, gorgeous sunsets, and stargazing. National Geographic once called Dingle Peninsula "the most beautiful place on earth." Through this retreat experience, we will commune with the land in reverence. We intend to honor Ireland's rich, magical history and to experience its gifts and stories with presence and gratitude. Madeline once read that the west coast of Ireland has the highest population of faeries and nature spirits on the planet, so it’s also our intention to open our hearts as gracious guests.

This Retreat Is For You If:

  • You read the words "rest" and "nourishment," and your body sighs with relief
  • You want to learn more ancient stories and myths, especially about women
  • You crave a deeper connection with your body in which you can listen to it, nurture it, and feel confident to act on its messages
  • Your current relationship to self-care could use a dose of inspiration and support
  • You desire a more direct relationship with nature spirits
  • You want an adventure to a beautiful natural setting
  • You’re looking for more soul sisters in your life
  • You’re open to trying new things and surrendering to an experience
  • Traveling to sacred sites in Ireland excites you

After this retreat, you will:

  • Feel connected to your body and inspired to tend to it as if it were your favorite place on earth
  • Experience a direct connection with inner guidance and a renewal of your purpose and presence
  • Draw on ancient stories for wisdom and strength in your modern life
  • Record your personal stories and feel the permission to rewrite and reclaim old stories
  •  Enjoy new friendships with like-minded women and a sense of communal belonging
  •  Treasure your experience of Ireland's magical land
  •  Use new tools and practices to facilitate alignment between your inner and outer worlds
  •  Play with shifting from Chronus (linear time) to Kiros (soul time)
  •  Shift your daily routines to support greater presence and connection to nature, even if it’s the park across the street
  • Feel rested, relaxed, nourished, and activated to integrate all you've experienced into your life at home

 about madeline giles + gail love schock


about madeline giles

For the last 7 years, I’ve devoted my life to listening to the whispers of my heart. From leaving a blossoming career in magazine journalism to moving across the country, starting over, and eventually acting upon the guidance to create Angelic Breath Healing, I’m devoted to its whispers, its shouts, its words, and its ways. Many of the heartfelt guidance I’ve received arrived while in prayer on pilgrimage to sacred sites all over the planet. In fact, my most vivid, visual spiritual experience occurred while visiting the west coast of Ireland with my family at age 18. I feel deeply honored to return to Ireland's magical lands and retreat into its rich history and activated energy in community.  I look forward to serving you through Angelic Breath Healing experiences, herbal plant meditations, and intimate journeys into your heart and the heartbeat of the land. To learn more about my services and offerings, please click here.


about gail love schock

I've had many successful careers from dancer to arts executive raising millions for culture, to luxury producer working with diamonds, deserts of the Middle East and so much more. Pain led me to start anew many times, but love always healed me. Once I heard and felt Love's lullaby she led me home to faith once more. To training as an InterFaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor, to living my most authentic life filled with joy, laughter and adventure. It's my honour to gather with you in the land of my father and in collaboration with Celtic soil guide you to also connect your human and spiritual dots, remembering how to align with the universal intelligence and inspire your own adventures accompanied by love. To find out more of my services and story, visit here.

our itinerary

Thursday, September 27th
4:00pm - 6:00pm: Arrive and get settled
6 - 7pm: Dinner
7:15pm: Opening Circle

Friday, September 28 - Sunday, September 30
7am: Optional Kundalini Yoga / Morning Practice / Meditation
8am: Breakfast
9am - 12pm: Experiential activities for opening your inner worlds
12pm - 1pm: Lunch
1:30pm - 5:30pm: Local adventures!
6:00pm: Dinner
7:15pm: Evening Circle

Monday, October 1st
7am: Optional Kundalini Yoga / Morning Practice / Meditation
8am: Breakfast
10am: Check out!

 "Quite simply put, working with Gail changed my life.  I came to her with so many doors inside me unopened, for fear of what may lie behind. Through working with Gail over a year, I truly moved my life in a new direction, gaining the courage to launch new projects, design my life to feel more easeful and opening those doors inside to find beautiful treasures hidden within. I don't quite know how to describe what she does- it's unlike anything I've ever experienced. If you feel called to explore working with her I'd simply say: trust that instinct. It's a truly transformative experience."
-Gemma Brady, TV Producer + Founder of Sister Stories-

retreat lodging

This retreat will be held at the cozy dwelling of Lios Dana Lodge, Ireland. The nearest town is Inch.


Lios Dana Lodge - which translates to Dolphin Spirit Gate - has been the go-to place for seekers for decades, filled with writers, creators, adventurers, and connectors, this is a holy space. Known as the temple of the dolphin, laid on sacred land with views to sea, the retreat space invites its dweller to put down Chronus (linear time) and linger in Kiros (Soul time). A place to stop and be swept into the eternal moment of now, Lios Dana Lodge is located on the Dingle Peninsula with an elevated sea view. Heaven!



Shared occupancy in double or triple rooms with en-suite bathrooms All bedrooms have clothes hanging facilities, chairs, bedside lights, wall-to-wall carpeting, and curtains.



cost + register

Pricing is per person. This retreat is for women ages 18 and up.

What’s included:
*3 delicious home-cooked vegetarian meals per day! Dietary needs accommodated upon request.
*Lodging at Lios Dana Lodge
*All activities and exercises

What’s not included:
*Travel to and from retreat center

£1400 ($1897) or 4 payments £467 ($613)  ~ all accommodation is shared


***SOLD OUT***
email to join the waiting list

Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel for any reason and we can find a person to take your spot, we will refund the amount paid minus a £250 administration fee. If we cannot find a person to take your spot, there are no refunds; however, you can transfer your paid spot to someone else, so you can send a friend or family member to the retreat in your place.

frequently asked questions

When should I arrive and depart?

Arrive between 4pm and 5:30pm on September 27th and depart after 10am on October 1st.

How do I get there?

Lios Dana Lodge is situated on a hill overlooking Dingle Bay. We will send the address and additional detailed instructions prior to retreat.
Please find bus/plane/train suggestions below~

By Plane

  • Kerry Airport, Farranfore, with daily direct flights from London, Dublin and Frankfurt, is 35 km. from Inch and has taxi or vehicle hire services.
  • Cork International Airport with daily flights from Europe is 120 km. from Inch. Vehicle hire, Bus shuttle or taxi to Cork Bus station (only a few miles from the airport). Bus service to Farranfore from Cork bus station runs every hour on the half hour, journey time 2 hours. At Farranfore ten minutes walk to Kerry Airport for taxi or car hire.
  • Shannon International Airport with daily flights from the U.S.A. and Europe is 120 km from Inch. Vehicle hire, Taxi or Bus (regular service) to Limerick Bus Station journey time 30 minutes). Bus from Limerick (every 2 hours) to Farranfore journey time 2 hours. At Farranfore ten minutes walk to Kerry airport for taxi or car hire.

By Train & Bus

The nearest train stations with services from Dublin/Cork/Limerick are Tralee (with daily connecting bus services to Annascaul within a few miles of Inch), Farranfore (ten minutes walk to Kerry Airport for taxi or car hire) and Killarney for connection to a Bus for Inch. There is a local bus service, GoCoach, with services 3x daily between Killarney, Inch and Dingle.

By Taxi or Hire Car

If you'd like to share a taxi or hire a car with other retreat attendees, we can coordinate prior to retreat. Below are local taxi suggestions from Lios Dana Lodge.

  • Kerry Airport, Farranfore for vehicle hire (some major rental companies). Taxi (Con Moran, 353-87- 2538759). Lios Dána Lodge is 35 km. or ½ hour drive from the airport.

By Car

From Shannon or Dublin (via Limerick bye-pass) follow signs to Tralee and Killarney (do not go to either). From Castleisland (via bye-pass) follow signs to Kerry airport, Farranfore. From Farranfore follow signs to Dingle via Castlemaine. Inch is before Dingle.

From Cork or Rosslare follow signs to Killarney via bye-pass; follow signs to Dingle and Castlemaine. Inch is before Dingle.

From Farranfore (Kerry Airport) follow signs to Castlemaine (15 km), at Castlemaine follow signs to Dingle. Inch is before Dingle

Lios Dána Lodge is half way (20 km.) on the road to Dingle from Castlemaine. At Inch, just after the Strand Bar, there is a finger sign pointing up the hill to Lios Dána.

G.P.S. our location reference is Inch, Ardroe, Co. Kerry, Ireland.  Latitude 52 8’43.83”N, Longitude 9 59’1.82” W

Is wi-fi available at the retreat?

Wi-Fi is available in house. We would encourage you to relieve yourself of tech if you can.  If you have any urgent technological needs, please take care of them prior to the retreat. Since our retreat will be focused on listening to the voice of Spirit, which can be challenging to hear in the noise of our tech-connected lives, we highly recommend turning on an auto-responder and turning off your connection to email and social media during our time together. It will be waiting there for you when the retreat is over, we promise!

Do you have additional questions?

Email or  ~ we will get back to you within 48 hours.


"God spoke today in flowers
And I, who was waiting on words,
Almost missed the conversation."

-Ingrid Goff-Maidoff-