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Angelic Nourishment
3-month group mentorship
january 2018 - march 2018

Imagine this winter…
Like nature, you go within.

Ground into the wise roots of your body.
Listen with reverence.
Receive nourishment from yourself.
Emerge renewed in body, heart, and spirit.

What deeply nourishes you?
What does your body really want?
What ways of being amplify your experience of Divine Guidance?
What thoughts, behaviors, and activities take you away from feeling connected to your body?

Angelic Nourishment is a 3-month group mentorship to help you find answers to these questions
and use this introspective season to turn over the soil within as the earth regenerates herself through softness and stillness.

Through 6 sessions, you’ll journey through the chakras, tapping into each one to explore what it needs to feel balanced and alive.
From the practical to the spiritual, you’ll learn how to care for yourself with deeper levels of love, gentleness, and joy.

This program is an invitation to release restrictive rules and breathe a sigh of relief
as you explore what it's like to pleasurably care for yourself in supportive community.


The chakras are the energy fields of your body. By accessing them, you can directly affect your relationship with security, sensuality, abundance, love, communication, intuition, and the divine.

Working with them is similar to a full-body checkup at the hospital. You check the heart, the liver, the lungs, your sexual organs, arms, brain, feet - all the different parts that together make a thriving human being.

This is the same principle, except with energy. What is the energy of the heart and how can we clear it? What is the energy of the voice and how can we strengthen it?

In short, clarity in your chakras translates to clarity in your life!

"As we love ourselves, and nourish all aspects of ourselves, a rare compassion is nourished, a tender compassion for everyone and everything. We are filled with compassion. We forgive ourselves deeply. And we realize that everyone who ever wronged us was a healer, a teacher, a lover of ours. The heart bursts with compassion. The floodgates of love spill over." 
-Susun Weed-
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what's included

Two 90-minute live sessions per month
Guided Angelic Breath Healing journeys to connect to the wisdom of your body and explore each chakra
Angelic inquiries to access the voice of wisdom and guidance within
Easy and delicious herbal recipes to nourish your body on all levels
Suggested Kundalini meditations to clear your channel
Community connection and support in between live sessions
Tools and practices for deeply nourishing yourself


We will meet virtually for two 90-minute live sessions per month.  Every session will be recorded and sent afterwards for those who are unable to attend live. Each group session will include an introduction to a supportive angelic energy, nourishment practices, group sharing, and a guided breath journey to experientially connect with your body and the Angels. We will meet virtually on Zoom (a free, video conferencing platform) - and the guided Angelic Breath Healing meditations will use Spotify for the music playlist. It is recommended that you have a Spotify Premium membership ($10 per month) to participate. 


Thursday, January 11th -- ROOT CHAKRA ~ 12:00pm - 1:30pm PST
Sunday, January 20th -- SACRAL CHAKRA ~ 10:30am - 12:00pm PST
Sunday, February 4th -- SOLAR PLEXUS ~ 10:30am - 12:00pm PST
Sunday, February 18th  -- HEART CHAKRA ~ 10:30am - 12:00pm PST
Sunday, March 4th -- THROAT CHAKRA ~ 10:30am - 12:00pm PST
Sunday, March 18th -- THIRD EYE + CROWN CHAKRA ~ 10:30am - 12:00pm PST
All sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend live.


3 payments of $200
*Payment charged on the 10th of Jan, Feb, and March

Cancellation Policy: You may cancel your spot up until the course start date for a full refund. Once the course begins, however, the energy of the group is sealed, so there will be no refunds after the course start date. If you need to withdraw anytime during the first month of the course, I will hold your tuition as credit for a future training. After the first month, I’m unable to offer credit.

classes info

classes info


I relate to Nourishment as a way of being, and my prayer is that we let go of judgments, rules, and restrictions and instead meet our our bodies with love and acceptance, regardless of what's on our plate.

Angelic Nourishment is a co-creation inspired by my personal practice of deeply listening and inquiring within. I believe we all know how to care for ourselves, and when we commit to nourishing practices in a supportive community, we're more likely to listen and care for ourselves with Love. 


Imagine feeling inspired by this quiet time,
stepping into nourishment as your way of life.
If you feel an expansion in your body
as you read these words, please join us.



“Words cannot express how transformative my Angelic Breath Healing experience was with the radiant Madeline Giles. Madeline’s empathetic teaching and facilitation of connecting me to my angels and divine wisdom has changed my world. I’m much more open, creative, intuitive and ready to take on the possibilities that lay ahead knowing I have legions of angelic and spirit guides supporting me and just waiting to deliver some guidance.”
-Kelsea Woods, New York, NY

“Angelic Breath Healing with Madeline is amazing. I recommend it to anyone looking to connect with their guardian angels and experience a beautiful, healing and magical glimpse into the lightness, joy, and love that they truly are." -Tina Meyers

“Before meeting Madeline I was really struggling mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We met during a crossroads of sorts and I am so grateful that we did. After working together for 3 months my feet are firmly planted on a spiritual path and I have a much clearer vision for my journey. I still have plenty of work ahead but our time together was pivotal in my process.” - Brynn Kerin

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Classes kundalini