a 5-month personal retreat with Madeline
~online or in-person {Topanga, ca}~

renew, reinvent, and rebirth yourself
through gentleness, love, and abundant care


You’re standing at a crossroads, a threshold, a liminal space of sorts. It’s equal parts uncomfortable and mysterious. Intimidating but also inviting. Which way to go? Standing here trying to figure it out has only made the decision more painful and challenging. Perhaps more exciting. Yet still, you question: where to go from here? Who am I becoming? As you look down at your skin, your shoes, the clothes that you wear… They feel worn out and itchy. Your current life no longer fits. You yearn to shed it like an old snakeskin, but aren’t really sure how to do that. Perhaps you’re afraid of what you’ll find if you take it off? You’ve been in this place before, yet at the same time it feels new and unfamiliar, like you’re dying, gestating, and rebirthing all at once.

I see you, and I’m standing here with you, extending my hand to yours. You aren’t meant to walk this alone. I’ve been calling to you, and I’m delighted you’ve found me (again!) Let us walk together and listen for the language that your Soul speaks. Let’s decode where it’s calling you forward and receive its healing medicine. So when you shed your old skin and reveal a new one, take the next step and leave the crossroads, you’ll emerge AS the new direction, ready, steady, and completely Held.

Is Held For You?

~If you resonate with the allegory above, you’ve masked your magic for too long. It’s time.

~You’ve done personal growth work before, perhaps even worked with coaches, yet feel frustrated by a lack of integrated results.

~You feel stuck in a loop, repeating the same lessons again. It seems the same situations keep coming back.

~You’re called to deepen your awareness of your soul, and of your angels guiding you along the way, not to escape your human experience,
but to experience more of it, (and expand your wings!)

~You struggle with constant overwhelm, stress, and anxiety. Life isn’t as sweet or clear as you know it can be.

~You take care of everyone else’s needs and forget about yours. It’s hard to set clear energetic and personal boundaries.

~You constantly forget about your body and feel ungrounded, disconnected from Earth (and your belonging h e r e). It’s challenging to prioritize and experience pleasure in your body.

Through the Process of Held You Will:

~Take off the mask to reveal (and revel in!) your magic

~Experience long-term changes that you actually stick to (ahhh…) because growth is a process, not an event … and slow is sexy

~Handle life’s challenges in new, fresh, creative ways

~Listen to and follow guidance from your angels and the voice within

~Life that feels as simple and delicious as a ripe peach

~Set clear, strong boundaries so you can serve from abundance

~An activation of your creative feminine energy

~Reverent connection and care of your body

~Experience pleasure - with work, creativity, loved ones, and yourself

~Feel held - supported and mothered both by yourself and the divine

Held is a 5-month personal retreat to recalibrate your body, heart, and soul.

Because growth is a process, not an event - and lasting change unfolds with a lot of baby steps!

Think about baby steps. The baby doesn’t walk alone all at once. Its hand is held by its parents, until it feels grounded enough to let go.

Yet the well-worn pathway of transformation says go it alone. Survival. Overcoming obstacles through force. Starving the body of pleasure rather than feeding it. And frankly, a whole lot of fear.

If that approach is counter-intuitive with babies, why do we use it so often with ourselves?

Our work together in Held is rooted in nourishment, sourced from within, and all parts of you is invited - especially the parts you may have been working very hard to hide. You’ll receive abundant support and accountability with me as your loving companion and guide, experiencing a transformation that’s as pleasurable as it is powerful.

What To Expect From Me + This Experience:

Confidentiality and professionalism.
Whatever you share will never leave our sessions. As you share your stories, dreams, and soul nudges, I’ll meet them with life-changing tools, education, and practices to support with soul embodiment and gentle integration session to session.

Compassion and zero judgment.
This is a safe, sacred space for you to bring forth what’s within you.

Opportunities to emotionally free yourself.
Our work in Held will help you resolve long-standing issues, triggers, and upsets within your consciousness.

100% reverence for your inner wisdom.
My job is to help you listen to what’s true for you, not for me or anyone else. The heart of Held is encouragement to trust yourself.

Encouragement and zero pressure to do anything you’re not ready for.
The magic of 1:1 experiences is that this is truly tailored to meet and honor YOU and where you’re at. I am a huge proponent of moving as fast as the slowest part of yourself … taking one small step, one micro-movement at a time.

What I ask of You…

~100% Honesty
~Showing up on time for our scheduled sessions
~Willingness and openness to try new things!
~Self-honoring commitment to take responsibility for implementing suggested tools and practices

How We Work Together
We always start with a 30 - 45 minute complimentary connection call.
This is a zero-pressure feeler call to make sure we’re the best fit for working together at this time. This call is a space for you to share more of your story, if you want to, and what support you’re looking for at this time so that we can decide if we’re a fit at this time. To set up our call, please click ‘apply’ - I’ll be in touch within 1-2 days to set up our connection call.

If we decide to work together, Held is a 5-month personalized immersion that costs $3444, with monthly payment plans available.

This includes:
One 2-hour intake session with personalized plan just for you
*Ten 75-minute sessions, meeting every other week
*Personally curated resources, tools, practices, and integrative support in between sessions
*Email support in between sessions
*Optional: Project Template to ground, guide, and support specific intentions (such as a creative project) throughout our work together.

My Training

I’m a spiritual counselor, breathwork teacher, herbalist, and Kundalini yoga instructor with a decade of training and experience in the field of personal growth and development. I have a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing from the University of Santa Monica, and have been sharing and teaching Angelic Breath Healing internationally for the last 5 years.

I am devoted to continued education through training, personal practice, and lived experience. My path has taught me to be highly discerning in the wild world of wellness, and I bring a sense of practicality and discernment into sessions with my clients. If you have any questions about my training and experience, you are welcome to ask me anything in our feeler call and throughout our work together.

1:1 mentorship testimonials

Working with Madeline has been transformational—life-changing! I’ve connected with soul-deep parts of myself that before I saw in glimmers, and experienced clarity, insight and forward movement in my creative endeavors. I feel as though I’ve shed a layer of skin and am moving into a more authentic expression of myself. The anxiety I experienced for years has shifted remarkably, and so have my relationships. Madeline is an extraordinary, heart-full guide for those seeking to move into a deep soul-space, and for anyone looking to blossom more fully into who and what they’re here to be.
— Callie Bates

I met Madeline at a point in my life where I had decided to actively step back into pursuing my connection with God/The Universe after years of avoiding and dancing around it due to some experiences when I was younger. I was struggling to fully open myself to it, and knew I needed help healing some deep issues with self-worth and self-love in order to move forward. As soon as I met her I was drawn to her radiant strength, and felt my spirit saying “You need to work with her.” I’m so grateful that I listened, because these past six months have been the most incredible medicine for my heart.

In every one of our sessions Madeline created a gentle but strong container that made me feel safe enough to really look at myself, and allow things to come forward to be released (or at least acknowledged). As the layers have peeled back, I feel that my connection with my guides, my angels, and my intuition has become even stronger as well. To be witnessed and accepted like this after years of hiding from myself has been truly life changing. I am so thankful that I was able to work with Madeline, and I would encourage anyone who feels drawn to do so to follow through on it.
— Amanda Dulkinys

Madeline is super supportive, encouraging and empowering - I always felt held, beautifully and unconditionally. She helped me to root out some really deep, well-embedded gunk that was holding me back in life and in business.

Since our Mentorship, I have been able to use the practices she taught me to advance my business and grow my community in an aligned and authentic way. My advice for anyone on the fence about working with Madeline - get off the fence and go and dance in the fields with her! Say yes. Go pick flowers and dig out the weeds. Let her wonderful energy and gifts hold you.
— Kathy Bell

After my first experience with Angelic Breath Healing, I felt the most heartfelt vibrational pull towards working with Madeline. She has lovingly co-created a divine container for radical self-transformation. In the past 6 months, I have witnessed and experienced profound healing and clarity in my life. I have transformed from a scared and uncertain girl to a woman who knows who she is and why she is here.

Each session was met with an incredibly soothing and grounding energy, created to facilitate the highest good for all. I felt held, nourished, supported, heard, and seen at all times. Every session left me with the confidence to authentically be able to express myself in every aspect of my life. Through implementing the breathwork and suggested assignments, I developed a deep sense of self-trust and connection to my heart’s voice. I am now able to set healthy boundaries, know my worth, value my gifts, and tap into the endless supply of support available to me at all times.

Mentorship was truly something better than I could have ever imagined. The investment that I have made in my soul’s growth through Angelic Breath Healing has been the best decision I have ever made. This journey has been truly priceless and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.
— Lydia McClain

The miracles that have unfolded in my life and the exponential growth that has occurred as a result of learning from Madeline and deepening my connection with the Divine through Angelic Breath Healing is something that words will never do justice for.
— Heather Waxman