book a private session with madeline
online or in-person (topanga, ca)
75 minutes ~ $222

Angelic Breath Healing Private Sessions involve 15-20 minutes of a short, guided, grounding meditation, intention setting, and therapeutic conversation that will segway into a guided breathwork session, where you will engage with the breathwork to relieve stress, anxiety, and congested emotions. As you breathe and are gently guided by Madeline, it’s common to experience soul-sighing release, a sense of feeling lighter and brighter, clearer direction on next steps, and awareness of angelic presence, support, and guidance. Madeline is known for her gentleness, grace, and nurturing, grounded guidance - each session is a sacred container in service to the client. Madeline meets each individual’s needs based on what they bring to the session - no prior experience necesarry.


I met Madeline at a point in my life where I had decided to actively step back into pursuing my connection with God/The Universe after years of avoiding and dancing around it due to some experiences when I was younger. I was struggling to fully open myself to it, and knew I needed help healing some deep issues with self-worth and self-love in order to move forward. As soon as I met her I was drawn to her radiant strength, and felt my spirit saying “You need to work with her.” I’m so grateful that I listened, because these past six months have been the most incredible medicine for my heart.

In every one of our sessions Madeline created a gentle but strong container that made me feel safe enough to really look at myself, and allow things to come forward to be released (or at least acknowledged). As the layers have peeled back, I feel that my connection with my guides, my angels, and my intuition has become even stronger as well. To be witnessed and accepted like this after years of hiding from myself has been truly life changing. I am so thankful that I was able to work with Madeline, and I would encourage anyone who feels drawn to do so to follow through on it.
— Amanda Dulkinys

After my first experience with Angelic Breath Healing, I felt the most heartfelt vibrational pull towards working with Madeline. She has lovingly co-created a divine container for radical self-transformation. In the past 6 months, I have witnessed and experienced profound healing and clarity in my life. I have transformed from a scared and uncertain girl to a woman who knows who she is and why she is here.

Each session was met with an incredibly soothing and grounding energy, created to facilitate the highest good for all. I felt held, nourished, supported, heard, and seen at all times. Every session left me with the confidence to authentically be able to express myself in every aspect of my life. Through implementing the breathwork and suggested assignments, I developed a deep sense of self-trust and connection to my heart’s voice. I am now able to set healthy boundaries, know my worth, value my gifts, and tap into the endless supply of support available to me at all times.

Mentorship was truly something better than I could have ever imagined. The investment that I have made in my soul’s growth through Angelic Breath Healing has been the best decision I have ever made. This journey has been truly priceless and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.
— -Lydia McClain

The miracles that have unfolded in my life and the exponential growth that has occurred as a result of learning from Madeline and deepening my connection with the Divine through Angelic Breath Healing is something that words will never do justice for.
— Heather Waxman

More than any person I know, Madeline has a way of helping me connect to my own Self-Worth and the understanding of myself as a Divine Being in human form. She has this way of gasping when she is excited about something, and I just know she is about to say something profound. I also know that the entire Angelic Realm is gasping along with her. When I am working with her, I have the sense that all is right with the world.
— Ed Adams

My Angelic Breath Healing session with Madeline was one of the most powerful, positive and profound experiences in my life. She is a master at opening sacred space and creating an environment to release what is ready to go, come into the power of the present and feel clarity around the dreams that are calling you forward. I highly recommend sessions with her, her classes and will invite her to come on my retreats anytime I can!
— Rochelle Schieck

Madeline’s Angelic Breath Healing will take you to places you never knew existed. By setting a positive intention with Madeline I was able to clear and release so much energy that no longer served me. I left our session feeling refreshed, energetic, overjoyed, super grateful and purposeful! I highly recommend Madeline’s services to anyone wishing to heal, let go, and fully embrace the power and magic of who you truly are back into your life!
— Jamie Adasi