Teacher Training Overview Intro


Teacher Training Overview Intro





Teacher Training Overview

Teacher Training Overview


heartfelt dreams retreat for women
mt. shasta, california

May 24 - May 28, 2018


Your heart is the holiest place on Earth.
It speaks in universal languages of image, symbol, and song.

Your heart may speak softly, in whispers, or loud like a lion’s roar.
Your heart is not afraid to break open, to expand into the Love it eternally remembers as home.

Your heart’s deepest desires are a form of prayer,
and when you surrender to its devotional calling,

you receive a priceless treasure: sacred fulfillment that benefits all life.

If you are yearning to live in communion with the consciousness of your heart,
to listen to its whispers, its prayers, and its dreams with presence,
then take action on those messages with devotion...

If you feel like your heart’s dreams are unrealistic,
yet you're experiencing anxious feelings of stagnation, boredom,
and a calling for something *more* in your life…

If your heart is asking you to retreat and go within,
to deeply nourish all parts of your being,
and to receive in a community of kindred spirits…

You are invited to join us on a 5-day experiential retreat journeying with your
Heartfelt Dreams in Mt. Shasta, California.


your heartfelt dreams are sacred and worthy of your attention.

Your heart will never give up on you.
It will never stop speaking to you; it will never cease its whispers,
even (and especially) when the path twists to painful and unexpected challenges.

Your heart asks you to be true to yourself.
It's not interested in external formulas, expert secrets, or “right” paths that have worked for other people.
Your heart lovingly invites you to let go of trusting anything outside of yourself, and go within.

Your heart's dreams are the perfect size for you.
It doesn't believe in "not good enough" or "not practical."
Its desires are sometimes wild, seemingly inconvenient, and always exactly what you need.

Your heart knows your path.
It may not show you the whole picture and it may not tell you what’s ahead.
It will meet you exactly where you are, in the present moment, with loving, open arms and a cozy cup of tea.

This retreat is a sanctuary for your heart.
Through deeply nourishing experiences, you will commune with your heart and listen to its whispers, its words, its ways. You will open to all of its feelings and hear what it has to say. You will receive nourishing support in community, and connect with the heart of the sacred land that is Mt. Shasta.

"The miracles that have unfolded in my life and the exponential growth that has occurred as a result of learning from Madeline and deepening my connection with angels and beyond through Angelic Breath Healing is something that words will never do justice for." 
-Heather Waxman-


Through deeply nourishing activities including communal meals, journeys to sacred sites on Mt. Shasta, Angelic Breath Healing, and divine surprises, every experience will encourage listening to your heart and letting it take the lead.

You'll have 4 full days to turn down the noise of the outside world and rest in sacred stillness, inquiring within and receiving trustworthy guidance from your heart.

You'll let go of linear timelines, logistics, "shoulds" and "have to's" and simplify your next steps through honoring the wise guidance of your Heart.

You'll deepen your relationship to the Divine through heartfelt prayer and inner communion with your heart, re-attuning to the Divine Suppot and encouragement that is available to you at all times.

You'll come home to your heart, and experience a deep, nourishing, soulful sense of reunion within.

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Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.12.37 AM.png
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For the last 7 years, I’ve devoted my life to listening to the whispers of my heart. From leaving a blossoming career in magazine journalism to ending a relationship that no longer served me, to moving across the country, starting over, and eventually acting upon the guidance to create Angelic Breath Healing, I’m devoted to its whispers, its shouts, its words, and its ways. Many of the clear messages and visions I’ve received from my heart arrived while in prayer on pilgrimage to sacred sites all over the planet, including the magical Mt. Shasta.

I lead Angelic Breath Healing experiences to hold the space and encourage those in attendance to attune to the voice of their heart and listen to its guidance. The heart vibrates with the element of air, and just like air is largely invisible yet ever-present, so is Spirit. So is the guiding voice within you.

I wish I could say that following the voice of the heart is all rainbows and butterflies (how I wish that!). Sometimes following my heart feels like elated joy, but other times, my heart breaks with truth. It can be tempting to try and un-know what the heart tells you. Yet to deny its voice is self-betrayal, for when your heart breaks with truth, it breaks in order to open to the freedom found in love.

special guest offerings

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 12.22.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 12.27.15 PM.png

Annik Mendez, Lemurian Sound Healing

Through sacred singing bowls, Annik will offer sound healing experiences to connect to the voice and vibration of your heart. Annik is a heart-centered artist, reiki master, yoga teacher, and sound healer based in Los Angeles, CA.




Infinity, Massage/Bodywork + Dance Awake

Infinity has devotionally followed the path of her heart for the last 10 years. She is a deeply healing bodyworker and founder of Dance Awake, an experiential movement class that encourages closing the eyes, going within, and allowing the wisdom of your body to move you. Infinity is based on the island of Kauai and travels to California several times a year, offering sessions and receiving the blessings of community.


Mt. Shasta is believed to be a cosmic vortex, a sacred planetary coordinate where the energy is both deeply restorative and activating. While you don’t need to travel anywhere other than the present moment to attune with the guidance of your heart, Mt. Shasta's pristine air quality, gentle flowing waters, magical mountain, and tall, heavenly trees encourage easy inner listening. I love Mt. Shasta, because the town is so quaint with the kindest people. The surrounding environment is absolutely gorgeous, deeply healing, and an ideal container for communing with the heart. I cry every time I return to Mt. Shasta because it feels like a homecoming to my heart and soul. I’ve taken several personal retreats to the mountain, each time experiencing divine renewal and encouragement to keep going, one breath, one heartbeat at a time.

“Before meeting Madeline, I had lots of ideas I could not put into action; fear and worry were stopping me, and I allowed my head to convince me why things would not work. Since working with Madeline, my path has become crystal clear. All of the correct ideas clearly came into focus through my own alignment and I have expanded in so many ways.”     
-Tracy Keough-

our itinerary

Thursday, May 24th
4:00pm - 6:00pm: Check in!
5:30pm: Orientation with retreat center owner
6 - 7pm: Dinner
7:15pm: Opening Circle

Friday, May 26th -  Sunday, May 27th
7am: Optional Kundalini Yoga / Morning Practice
8am: Breakfast
9am - 12pm: Experiential activities for communing with your heart
12pm - 1pm: Lunch
1:30pm - 5:30pm: Mt. Shasta adventures!
6:00pm: Dinner
7:15pm: Evening Circle

Monday, May 28th
7am: Optional Kundalini Yoga
8am: Breakfast
10am: Check out!

“Madeline’s empathetic teaching and facilitation of connecting me to my angels and divine wisdom has changed my world. I’m much more open, creative, intuitive, and ready to take on the possibilities that lie ahead, knowing I have legions of angelic and spirit guides supporting me just waiting to deliver some guidance.”
-Kelsea Woods-

after this retreat, you will:

I want to tell you that after this retreat, all of your dreams will come true!
That you will never experience challenges or pain again!
That magic doors will open and all will be well forever and ever!
The truth is, I do not know what will unfold for you after this retreat - only God knows that.

What I can promise is that you will have spent 4 days and 5 nights in a deeply nourishing environment where all parts of you are welcomed and encouraged. That you will have the sacred space to deeply rest and commune with your heart and its dreams. That you will receive the priceless treasure of embodied experience in heartfelt community. That you will likely never be the same because you have returned Home to the true you. If you feel called to take a leap of faith into the Divine Unknowing, to release expectations around what might happen and what you might get out of it, and instead allow the Divine take your hand, and lead you, one step at a time, I'd love to meet you in Mt. Shasta.

housing options

This retreat will be held at the gorgeous and comfortable dwelling of Namaste House at Flowing Waters Retreat Center. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.18.59 AM.png

Namaste is located on the creek with 3 huge outdoor decks for outdoor gatherings. Inside, large dual pane windows enhance  lovely bedrooms and open to the sound of the creek.  The interior has gorgeous bird’s nest knotted pine paneling and wall to wall carpeting. Three full bathrooms (3 showers plus a luxury claw foot tub) have natural sulfur mineral water flowing through the house for soaking as well as a private 6 person sauna.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.18.35 AM.png

Creek-View Suite (Double Occupancy) 
Nestled on the second floor of the property, creek-view is a cozy twin bedroom with a view of the flowing waters adjacent to the retreat. Shared bathroom.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.19.13 AM.png

Cathedral Sky Suite (Triple Occupancy)
Located on the first floor of the property, this majestic room has high ceilings and a view of the creek and surrounding forest. There is an on-suite bathroom that includes a sauna and claw-foot bathtub with healing mineral waters. There is a large walk-in closet and plenty of space.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 10.18.35 AM.png

Mandala Suite (Double Occupancy)
Tucked away on the first floor of Flowing Waters retreat, this twin bedroom has a view of maple trees with ample closet space. Shared bathroom.


Camping or Staying Off Site
Flowing Waters has a gorgeous camping deck where you can pitch a tent and enjoy the pristine medicine of nature! There is also a limited option for staying off site.

cost + register

Pricing is per person. This retreat is for women ages 18 and up.

What’s included:
*3 delicious, organic, home-cooked vegetarian meals per day! Dietary needs accommodated upon request.
*Lodging at Flowing Waters Retreat Center
*All activities and exercises

What’s not included:
*Travel to and from retreat center
*Spa services are available if you wish to book them.

$1,988 or 2 payments $994  ~ Creek-View Suite, Cathedral Sky Suite, Mandala Suite
$1,288 or 2 payments $644 ~ Camping at Flowing Waters or Staying Off-Site


Staying at Flowing Waters Retreat -- 1 spot remaining

Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel for any reason and we can find a person to take your spot, we will refund the amount paid minus a $250 administration fee. If we cannot find a person to take your spot, there are no refunds; however, you can transfer your paid spot to someone else, so you can send a friend or family member to the retreat in your place.

“Madeline’s Angelic Breath Healing will take you to places you never knew existed. I was able to clear and release so much energy that no longer served me. I feel refreshed, energetic, overjoyed, super grateful and purposeful! I highly recommend Angelic Breath Healing to anyone wishing to heal, let go, and fully embrace the power and magic of who you truly are back into your life!”
- Jamie Adasi -

frequently asked questions

When should I arrive and depart?

Arrive between 4pm and 5:30pm on the 24th and depart after 10am on the 29th.

How do I get there?

Mount Shasta is nestled in the center of Northern California.

Nearest International Airports:
Sacramento, CA (213 miles)
Reno, NV (220 miles)
San Francisco, CA (279 miles)
Oakland, CA (279 miles)

Domestic Airports Near Mount Shasta:
Redding, CA (68 miles)
Klamath Falls, OR (80 miles)
Medford, OR (92 miles)

There is public bus transport from most major airports to Mt. Shasta. If this is your preferred way to arrive to Shasta, we can arrange for someone to pick you up in town.

Renting a car and carpooling with other retreat attendees is what we suggest. Once your space is confirmed, we can connect you with other retreat goers to coordinate.

Is wi-fi available at the retreat?

There’s poor cell service and no wi-fi on site. If you have any urgent technological needs, please take care of them prior to the retreat. When we go to town, there are coffee shops with wi-fi and the cell service is clear – so if you need to check in, you can.

Since our retreat will be focused on listening to the voice of your heart, which can be challenging to hear in the noise of our tech-connected lives, I highly recommend turning on an autoresponder and turning off your connection to email and social media during our time together. It will be waiting there for you when the retreat is over, I promise!

Do you have additional questions?

Email madeline@angelicbreathhealing.com ~ I will get back to you within 48 hours.

Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.
-Paulo Coelho-