sweet dreams: sleep as prayer
4-week healing journey with the angelic realm
march 11 - April 11, 2019

Did you know it’s estimated you’ll spend one third of your life sleeping?

That’s a lot of life — and the quality of your sleep
determines the quality of your entire waking life.

While your physical body rests, your soul travels,
healing, resolving, and integrating all of
life’s challenges and opportunities.

While meditation and prayer are practices to commune with Spirit,
sleep is your daily invitation to receive support, nurtureance, and guidance on your life.

This course will share practices to receive Divine Support every night along with replenishing rest…
no matter how many hours you are able to sleep each night.

  • You’ll learn how to co-create an energetic sanctuary that supports deep nurtureance and rest while clearing the burdens from your day and the days ahead.

  • Replace your “scared of the dark” sleep cycle with deeply nurturing and empowering practices to enhance your sleep for the rest of your life.

  • Connect deeply to your intuition and the Spiritual Support present with you.

  • Receive clarity, inspiration, and insight through an intentional dreamtime practice.

  • Take loving care of yourself, untangle unresolved issues as you sleep, and experience peace from the inside out.

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what is sweet dreams?

Sweet Dreams is a 4-week healing journey for people yearning to create a nurturing environment for deep rest. It will help you harmonize old patterns and beliefs, create sleep practices to help you look forward to bedtime, and receive divine guidance along with your nightly physical nourishment. Sweet Dreams also supports with releasing fears, anxiety, and tension around sleep.

what’s included

Four 90-minute live sessions
Guided Angelic Breath Healing journeys and meditations to support your sleep experience
Private web portal with class recordings, guided meditations, and supportive resources that you can access to for 1 year after the course completes
Practical and easy tools to enhance your sleep and dream experience
Delicious herbal recipes to calm your nervous system and support deep rest

how it works

We will meet virtually for four 90-minute live sessions. Every session will be recorded and shared in a private web portal for those unable to attend live. Each group session will include a salon-style lecture on the focus topic, practices to integrate into your nightly sleep,, a nourishing herbal remedy, group sharing, and a guided breath journey to experientially connect with your body. We will meet virtually on Zoom (a free, video conferencing platform), and the guided Angelic Breath Healing meditations will have a unique Spotify playlist for each session.

Dreaming takes place within a person’s own levels of consciousness, the lower levels, the inner realms, the ‘worlds without end.’ For the most part, what we call the night travel takes place on the spiritual levels and is that part of sleep-state activity that can be used towards Soul Transcendence.
— John-Roger

course outline

Monday, March 11 ~ 10:30am - 12:00pm PST
Our first gathering will share practices for preparing your body and consciousness for rest. Learn how to call upon the angels, set clear intentions for sleep, and listen to what soothes your body into a deeply replenishing sleep experience. Madeline will lead an Angelic Breath Healing to connect with Archangel Michael.

Friday, March 22nd ~ 4:30pm - 6:00pm PST
This class is a sacred space to give it to God/the Divine while listening to and nurturing your inner child. Re-parent yourself by acknowledging sleep patterns you programmed as a child and updating any limiting beliefs or ways of being to serve and support you now. No matter your perception of your childhood experience (good or bad), this class is not about reliving childhood experiences. It will give you quality time to commune with the Younger One Within *now* and give yourSelf the appreciation, love, and care he or she is asking for.

Friday, April 5th ~ 4:30pm - 6:00pm PST
You’ll spring clean your consciousness by completing inner world stressors (thoughts, unfinished business, judgments) and apply this to your physical world enviornment. By communing within and inviting the angels to support, your inner and outer world will receive a delightful spring cleaning to support deeper peace, creative spaciousness, and rest.

Thursday, April 11th ~ 4:30pm - 6:00pm PST
Setting clear intentions and asking for Spirit’s guidance in the sleep state can provide life-changing wisdom, support, and direction for your life. This class focuses on an intentional dream practice to receive Spirit’s guidance and blessing as your physical body rests and replenishes.

cost + sign up

$222 or 2 payments $111

about madeline giles


This course is near and dear to my heart. As a child all the way up into my early 20s, I was afraid of the dark and would stay up until dawn many nights with nervous butterflies in my stomach, terrified of what might unfold in the night. By the grace of God, ten years ago when I felt I hit rock bottom with nighttime fear, I learned about calling in the angels, specifically the Archangel Michael. As I began asking for God and Archangel Michael’s help, my fears felt held and nurtured into healing. I started sleeping better and no longer needed a nightlight. I was guided to people and trainings that shared supportive information and practices for a deep night’s rest that also fostered communing with Spirit’s wisdom and guidance while sleeping.

Now, ten years later, I no longer experience fears with sleeping. I feel empowered and confident with tried and true tools and practices that have changed my life, and it’s my great joy and honor to share these with you now through Sweet Dreams!

Sweet Dreams is inspired by my personal experiences from a decade of intentional bedtime practices to support peaceful rest. It’s also influenced by my master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, breathwork, and herbalism as well as my personal practice of deeply listening and inquiring within. It’s a co-creation between my personal work and the thousands of years of healing practices I’ve been blessed and privileged to receive on my path. I believe we have all the tools and resources within us to enjoy a deeply replenishing night’s rest, and when we commit to intentional practices in a supportive community, we're more likely to listen and care for ourselves with love.

sweet dreams is for you if:

  • You value the importance of deep, soulful rest and are called to enhance your sleep experiences with practices that will support you for a lifetime!

  • You feel disempowered by the sleep experience. You’re afraid of darkness, spirits visiting you in the night, nightmares, or feel daunted by bedtime, even if you’re not sure why.

  • You’re seeking clarity in your life — relationships, job, well-being — and are over trying to think your way out of it.

  • You often go to sleep with anxiety about the day past and the days ahead.

  • You’re yearning to try new things and open to a new way of being.

  • You’re willing to show up, experiment with the tools, and implement what works for you.

  • You’re ready to receive Divine Support to release what no longer serves you and feel like you have a celestial partnership in your dreamtime.

sweet dreams is not for you if:

  • You need a lot of individual attention and support. While Sweet Dreams offers intentional practices that can be applied to all types of lifestyles and ways of being, I will not address nor am I qualified to treat insomnia, sleep disorders, or night terrors.

  • You’re looking for an advanced dreamwork or dream interpretation course. While we will cover ways to intentionally commune with God/Spirit through your dreams, this course will not extensively cover this.

  • You are unable or unwilling to implement new practices. The nature of this course is experiential, meaning you will get the most of it if you are willing to try the practices for yourself and see if it works for you!

Note: Sweet Dreams is not a training. It’s an experiential course intended to support your sleep experience.


Do I need to have previous experience?
No. Sweet Dreams meets you where you are and provides beginner resources.

What is the time commitment?
You get what you give - and because of the experiential nature of this course, it is strongly recommended to carve out time to listen to and participate in the class recordings so you can receive the practices to implement them in ways that work for you. That said: I honor everyone’s life and schedule - you will continue having access to the class recordings after we complete for a year, so there is space to move with the course at your own pace.

I wake up often in the night, will this still be beneficial for me?
Interrupted sleep is something that I’ll address in the course, the sleep practices truly meet you in a way that is going to work for your lifestyle. One intention I learned awhile ago is - Spirit, thank you for helping me wake up feeling AS IF I had 8 hours of deeply restful sleep. This majorly supported me when I was waking up every morning at 4am for morning meditation! In Sweet Dreams we’ll focus less on quanity, more on quality.

What if I can't make a live session?
Every session is recorded and posted in our private web portal for you to view on your own time. When the course completes, you can continue logging in and enjoying the content for one year after the course completes.

Have more questions?
Email me at madeline@angelicbreathhealing.com — I'll get back to you in the next 48 hours. xx

‘Above there are Golden Clouds’ - Artist Unknown

‘Above there are Golden Clouds’ - Artist Unknown