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work with me intro




work with madeline

work with madeline

angelic breath healing private SESSION

75 minutes | $222 -- Sessions take place virtually via Zoom

Private Angelic Breath Healing sessions assist with emotional release, creative visioning, clearing stuck energy, relieving stress and anxiety, and opening to a healing dialogue with your heart. Sessions begin with 15-20 minutes of a short, guided grounding meditation, intention setting, and therapeutic conversation that segways into a guided breathwork experience. While Madeline uses her intuition to guide the flow of the session, private sessions are not angel readings. Madeline is not here to tell you what your truth is, rather she assists you in finding it within yourself.

private sessions

private sessions

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6-month mentorship with madeline

No two Mentorship experiences are alike - your experience is tailored to meet your intentions, your goals, and what your Soul is guiding you towards. I am here to help you discern your Inner Voice from the parts of you that are afraid to be seen and heard. I am here to assist you in developing an intimate relationship with your Inner Knowing, the space inside where Truth speaks. I am here to help you shift from intellectualizing what you think you *should* do or what you think you *need* to figure out and instead go within. Listen. What's there? What's underneath? What's True? I am not here to tell you what your Truth is, I am here to help you find it in yourself.

This section used to include a standard Mentorship package outline - where you could read all about what to expect in our work together. After working with dozens of Mentorship clients and facilitating hundreds of group classes, I've witnessed that each session is deeply sacred, personalized, and specific - to attempt to generalize it into a bullet-pointed promise feels limiting. Logistically, we will meet consistently - twice a month for 75-minutes virtually via Zoom, with email support, homework (the fun kind!), and accountability in between each session. Mentorship is a tremendous investment in your Self, in the quality of your life, and will support you in creating lasting shifts. Once I have received your application, we'll meet for a complementary connection call to ensure Mentorship is the best fit for you at this time. I acknowledge you for your interest in investing in yourSelf!! And I look forward to serving you.

about madeline


For the last ten years, I have devoted countless hours to finding answers about those *big* questions - who am I? Why am I here? How can I make a meaningful contribution to this planet while I have a body? This led me on a quest -- I left a budding career in magazine journalism to go back to school and receive my master's degree in Spiritual Psychology at University of Santa Monica. I also engaged in several helpful trainings - breathwork healer training, kundalini yoga, herbalism, and working one-on-one with coaches. The shifts I experienced changed my quality of life and relationships, and eventually after many years of self-study in community, I felt inspired and moved to share it with others. I co-created Angelic Breath Healing in 2014 and began leading  classes, retreats, and private sessions all over the world. It has been exhilarating, challenging, heart-opening, heartbreaking, messy, and above all: liberating. Layer by layer, I've stopped looking outside of myself for love, for truth, for the *way* - and remembered the treasure is found within myself, within my heart. I've found that the best coaches, mentors, trainings, teachers, and healers I've invested in over the last 10 years are the ones who lead me back to myself - the ones who ask me questions, invite me to reflect, ask me to dig deeper, to feel into that feeling, to go within, and create, speak, and share from my inner source of connection. This is the space I hold for you, and while I cannot promise what will unfold for you, I know this for certain: Spirit meets us at the point of our action. As you show up, so will your opportunities to grow, to shed, to let go, to heal, to transform.

work with me testimonials

work with me testimonials


Mentorship and private session experiences


"After my first experience with Angelic Breath Healing, I felt the most heartfelt vibrational pull towards working with Madeline. She has lovingly co-created a divine container for radical self-transformation. In the past 6 months, I have witnessed and experienced profound healing and clarity in my life. I have transformed from a scared and uncertain girl to a woman who knows who she is and why she is here.

Each session was met with an incredibly soothing and grounding energy, created to facilitate the highest good for all. I felt held, nourished, supported, heard, and seen at all times. Every session left me with the confidence to authentically be able to express myself in every aspect of my life. Through implementing the breathwork and suggested assignments, I developed a deep sense of self-trust and connection to my heart's voice. I am now able to set healthy boundaries, know my worth, value my gifts, and tap into the endless supply of support available to me at all times.

Mentorship was truly something better than I could have ever imagined. The investment that I have made in my soul's growth through Angelic Breath Healing has been the best decision I have ever made. This journey has been truly priceless and I would do it all again in a heartbeat."

-Lydia McClain, Voice Instructor + Breath Facilitator


"I met Madeline at a point in my life where I had decided to actively step back into pursuing my connection with God/The Universe after years of avoiding and dancing around it due to some experiences when I was younger. I was struggling to fully open myself to it, and knew I needed help healing some deep issues with self-worth and self-love in order to move forward. As soon as I met her I was drawn to her radiant strength, and felt my spirit saying "You need to work with her." I'm so grateful that I listened, because these past six months have been the most incredible medicine for my heart.

In every one of our sessions Madeline created a gentle but strong container that made me feel safe enough to really look at myself, and allow things to come forward to be released (or at least acknowledged). As the layers have peeled back, I feel that my connection with my guides, my angels, and my intuition has become even stronger as well. To be witnessed and accepted like this after years of hiding from myself has been truly life changing. I am so thankful that I was able to work with Madeline, and I would encourage anyone who feels drawn to do so to follow through on it."

-Amanda D., creative director


"Madeline is an angel here on Earth and truly facilitates deep inner healing. She is a pure blessing. She not only held space for me during a period of growth and transition, but helped me to truly see and realize the song that my heart wants to sing. As a result of our time together, I've seen and witnessed magical doors opening wide to help realize a dream of mine. My advice for those thinking of working with Madeline is that your heart has guided you here...step through...continue to show up...ask for miracles and magic and trust that the angels are with you always. She is an incredible healer and opens the most magnificent doorways into your heart."

-Mariah Lyons, shoe designer

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"Before meeting Madeline, I had lots of ideas I could not put into action; fear + worry was stopping me, and I allowed my head to convince me why things would not work. Since working with Madeline, my path has become crystal clear. I have made so many subtle (and not to subtle) shifts through connecting to my Angels + guides. All of the correct ideas clearly came into focus through my own alignment and I have expanded in so many ways.

I am eternally grateful to Madeline, my Angels and all the grace given through the Program."

-Tracy Keough, breathwork faciliatator, yoga teacher, coach

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"I have fallen in love with Angelic Breath Healing and the gift of Madeline as a space holder, guide, and trusted mentor. 

The miracles that have unfolded in my life and the exponential growth that has occurred as a result of learning from Madeline and deepening my connection with the Divine through Angelic Breath Healing is something that words will never do justice for."   

-Heather Waxman, singer, activist, coach

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“Words cannot express how transformative my Angelic Breath Healing Mentorship was with the radiant Madeline Giles. Madeline’s empathetic teaching and facilitation of connecting me to my angels and divine wisdom has changed my world. I’m much more open, creative, intuitive and ready to take on the possibilities that lay ahead knowing I have legions of angelic and spirit guides supporting me and just waiting to deliver some guidance.”

-Kelsea Woods


“I came to Madeline when I was in state of internal turmoil. I lacked clarity. I didn’t know what direction I was headed and I needed mentorship immediately. After taking one group ABH class I knew I had to work with Madeline. Throughout my time with her I busted through some blocks that would have taken me a lot longer had I chosen to figure it out on my own. I feel clear and grounded on my path. I have a richer, more intimate and visceral experience with angels now thanks to ABH and to Madeline for holding the space. Madeline holds a powerful and graceful container for transformation and growth. If you are ready for deep soul work, and to start taking action toward your dreams then this program is for you. Fasten your seat belt, and get ready to go on a heart opening, mind opening, soul expanding experience. Thank you Angels for bringing me to Madeline. My life is not the same!”

 – Arlene Shanti


“Before meeting Madeline I was really struggling mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We met during a crossroads of sorts and I am so grateful that we did. After working together for 3 months my feet are firmly planted on a spiritual path and I have a much clearer vision for my journey. I still have plenty of work ahead but our time together was pivotal in my process.”

– Brynn Kerin


"Working with Madeline in one-on-one mentorship has opened a deep trust and faith in my own intuition, through working with the Angelic Realm. In this new frequency, and fast paced, high stakes, polarity planet, where we are being asked to step up now and to hold more of what wants to come through - steady practice, faith and intuition are both practical and necessary. Angelic Breath Healing mentorship has brought about a tremendous amount of healing and clarity, which has opened my heart in a way that it has never been open and has enabled me to better serve my dharma. As a result, I'm experiencing many new and exciting opportunities through the practice of surrender and the practice of showing up every day, deeply committed to my life’s purpose, asking for guidance, and for the strength and the courage to stand up in my purpose. I’m so grateful for Madeline’s courage and devotion to her own practice, and I would encourage anyone interested in embarking on this heart awakening collaboration with her to dive in.”

– Kate Campbell, actress


“Madeline is a brilliant mentor and I immensely enjoyed working with her each week! I started out looking to deepen my intuition - and have since been given the guidance, support and love I needed from my angels and guides to stop doubting and trust myself.”

-Lauren Iverson, jewelry designer


"I am incredibly grateful for Madeline’s Angelic Breath Healing. I will always always consider the 3-session activation with her one of deep and profound transformation in the direction of my life. All Angelic Breath Healing class experiences have sparked a greater knowing and connection within myself - It always seems to assist me in finding the message I need at that moment, yet the one-on-one sessions went much deeper and I couldn’t have said yes at a more perfect time. Thank you Madeline!"

– Raquel Monterray


“My Angelic Breath Healing session with Madeline was one of the most powerful, positive and profound experiences in my life. She is a master at opening sacred space and creating an environment to release what is ready to go, come into the power of the present and feel clarity around the dreams that are calling you forward. I highly recommend sessions with her, her classes and will invite her to come on my retreats anytime I can!”

– Rochelle Schieck, founder of Qoya


“Madeline’s Angelic Breath Healing will take you to places you never knew existed. By setting a positive intention with Madeline I was able to clear and release so much energy that no longer served me. I left our session feeling refreshed, energetic, overjoyed, super grateful and purposeful! I highly recommend Madeline’s services to anyone wishing to heal, let go, and fully embrace the power and magic of who you truly are back into your life!”

– Jamie Adasi, coach

"I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars.
I started listening to the teaching of my Soul."